App user interface and user experience (UI/UX) design for a Bay Area drone company

A mobile application capable of connecting to the real quadcopter, controlling it, and taking photos/videos of yourself.

A Californian company we collaborated with this time was developing a quadcopter drone mobile application designed to control the quadcopter and take videos/pictures. The device itself had many sensors and modules, which made the video recording a joyful process. Together with our client and our Bay Area UI/UX design agency studio, we worked on the user interface of their leading mobile app.

Our fundamental goal was straightforward: to develop an intuitive and understandable UI for a vast target audience. Along with that, our team focused on producing an exceptional user experience allowing the users to enjoy the time when they are controlling their drone via Apple or Android devices.

A mobile app alone should not be filled with visual assets only; it should have another critical and crucial component - user experience. The more time you invest in understanding your customer journey map, the more likely your consumer invests time in your product while producing positive feedback. That was our primary point when our team developed an engaging yet straightforward user experience for this quadcopter mobile app.

drone mobile app design

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