Branding for AppAdvice mobile application in Los Angeles

An online resource app called AppAdvice helps you find every new and relevant iOS application according to your taste.

AppAdvice is a mobile application that assists consumers in discovering new and valuable iOS applications that initially launched in 2008. It filters numerous applications through the App Store and provides consumers with up-to-date news and in-depth program reviews.

Our branding agency Los Angeles studio paid colossal attention to creating preliminary sketches for establishing brand guidelines to familiarize ourselves with the product and its attributes. Some of the design assets and brand identity elements we included in AppAdvice’s brand book. The critical and most critical point our team was focusing on was to maintain consistency across all formats and product platforms.

One of the other main challenges in AppAdvice was redesigning outdated visual styles combined with their low-quality logo. It wasn’t gaining any competitive advantage among similar app solutions in the digital market. Therefore, our team has redesigned it from scratch to refresh the current branding style to a more modern one while assisting the AppAdvice team in entering the market by enhancing the loyalty of their customers.

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