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AI Startups in Los Angeles: The Future of Business Solutions

Here is a list of some of the most daring AI startups in Los Angeles that facilitate business operations

Written by RamotionJan 26, 202311 min read

Last updated: Feb 25, 2024

10 AI Startups in Los Angeles You Need to Know About

AI startups in Los Angeles offer a wide range of solutions to business owners and their clients, like operations management, payments solutions, marketing, customer-centric mobile applications, analytics, and more. These companies rely on innovative technology such as AI and machine learning to make data-driven decisions that save money and improve customer experience. They don’t just offer products; they offer entire solutions—such as payment processing—that can solve problems for your customers and keep your business competitive in the long run.

All of these AI products were created with specific use cases in mind; by understanding what problem the company solved and who it affected through its product or service, you’ll be able to see how using AI can improve your own business.

As more and more AI startups in California crop up, experts at our Los Angeles product design agency thought it’d be helpful to highlight some of these companies and the services they offer to help you determine which one might be best suited for your needs.

Check out this list of the top 10 artificial intelligence companies in Los Angeles offering new technology for business owners to try out right now!


Virtualitics is a cutting-edge ai-powered technology company that helps enterprises make smarter business decisions.

The platform has been deployed across government agencies such as the Department of Defense and Fortune 500 companies like Walmart or Proctor & Gamble. Data exploration has always been challenging but traditional methods have fallen short in locating complex relationships between different datasets explaining driver factors or finding logical communities within them.

Virtualitics' Intelligent Exploration uses AI and machine learning allowing us to analyze trends in data that would have otherwise gone undetected; whether they were statistical outliers or extreme changes found in big data sets.

The platform also allows you to create powerful 3D visuals which highlight the most important insights learned by AI, allowing data scientists to process large volumes of data quickly and efficiently without missing anything crucial. Besides, their no-code AI modeling system enables business owners to understand predictions made by machine learning algorithms and evaluate potential business scenarios without having to write code or make complex calculations.

AE Studio

AE Studio is an artificial intelligence development company based in Los Angeles. Their team includes a wide range of experts such as web developers, data scientists, and web designers offering comprehensive software development services, from strategic advisory to app design and smart contract implementation.

The company relies heavily on predictive analytics - machine learning tools that give you insights about your clients based on your customer data. Experts at AE studio use predictive analytics tools to analyze your business and find ways to achieve considerable business results within the shortest period. The innovative method of predictive analysis powered by machine learning allows improving customer satisfaction while lowering costs by utilizing automated services operated by data science and modern computer technology.

Developers at AE Studio use machine learning techniques such as data science and predictive analysis-powered automated systems combined with traditional coding methods, like UI design or backend development.

Overall, AE Studio strives for individuality over standardization, leveraging data science and modern advances in data management. Instead of just making things easier for those developing it, they provide custom programming for multiple industries such as real estate agencies, apparel retailers, and credit unions; partnering directly with company owners and teams to find the best solution for each business.

Sigma Data Systems

Sigma Data Systems is a reputable big data analytics and software development company that offers a diverse range of services. These include predictive analysis, data visualization, mobile app development, data migration, and big data consulting services. At Sigma, expert data analysts help businesses overcome all their challenges by providing quality data analytics services. Their team of talented experts finds and processes information from multiple sources to produce high-quality sets of information that helps companies revolutionize their existing systems into modern ones with intelligence.

The company’s experts provide guidance on designing the ideal storage architecture that enables organizations to visualize, predict, or make decisions via AI and machine learning across industries like manufacturing, healthcare, logistics/supply chain management (SCM), banking/credit card processing (CCP), retail industry—and many others too!

Sigma uses advanced analytic techniques such as pattern matching & predictive modeling to help companies mine customer behavior and then turn it into insights driven by actionable business intelligence.

The company also provides big data consulting solutions to businesses from various domains. Among their well-known clients are the healthcare company Mentele Health, the Chumbank e-commerce platform, and Ordehive, a multichannel inventory and order management system for sellers.


Since its inception in 2008, Diffco has grown to be one of the most renowned AI companies in California specializing in transforming business ideas into mobile applications and comprehensive digital solutions.

Diffco has a wide range of specializations, including custom software development, mobile AI development, server AI, VR development, machine-learning solutions, web app development and integration, complex backend infrastructure development for mobile or web apps, and enterprise services. The company strives to offer the best solution to clients from all domains, combining data analysis and machine learning techniques with knowledge from fields such as finance, healthcare, aviation, entertainment, gaming, IoT, etc., into new business solutions.

One of the most important features of Diffco is its immense versatility which they offer to their clients through an array of artificial intelligence technologies and languages to ensure maximum customer satisfaction by providing the best user experience.

Their developers use such programming languages as Python, Tensorflow, Numpy, and others.

Diffco’s clients include major brands from all domains including healthcare providers, SaaS and web3 platforms, travel agencies, as well as restaurants, and delivery service providers.

Downtown Media

Dogtown Media is an ai app development company headquartered in California. Since its launch in 2011, their team has built over 200 mobile apps leveraging emerging technologies to provide the ultimate user experience.

Since its launch in 2011, they’ve built over 200 mobile apps utilizing new technologies to provide the ultimate user experience. Downtown Media has a wide range of specializations across all the major business sectors—including EdTech (education technology), FinTech (financial technology), MedTech (medical technology), as well as social media and IoT devices.

Dogtown Media’s expertise in various fields, including project management, mobile banking, and e-commerce solutions allows them to build these high-quality products from start to finish - taking care of every aspect of the process including design, marketing, coding, and deployment.

GrayMatter Robotics

Founded in 2020, GrayMatter Robotics is one of the most rapidly growing Los Angeles AI startups striving to facilitate industrial operations by developing innovations that transform manufacturing with AI-powered robots. The company has raised over 25 million dollars in funding within

At GrayMatter Robotics, their goal is to make the world better by leveraging big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. With these tools, they can create solutions for humans who are doing tedious or ergonomically challenging tasks in the manufacturing world - making it much easier for companies to quickly and efficiently deploy advanced technology automation for complex operations.

The company has recently launched the Scan&Sand system, a flexible robotic sander that can dynamically adapt to objects with complex structures, operating in high-variety production facilities, to increase productivity and enhance completeness and accuracy while lowering costs.

With increasing customer demand for robotics and automation solutions, helping manufacturers improve productivity, GrayMatter Robotics has raised over 25 million dollars in funding in 2022 alone and is likely to become one of FTP Software's major competitors in the sphere of robotic process automation within the next few years.


Addepto is one of the top AI companies in Los Angeles that uses future technologies like machine learning and big data, tailored to each business's needs so they can tackle the challenges of large datasets. They offer full-stack projects: from accessing data through data lakes to creating machine learning models powered by artificial intelligence software architecture for cutting-edge business solutions.

The company embraces the power of big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning in collecting, sorting, processing, analyzing, and converting massive complex data sets into meaningful business insights, all while understanding how these growing trends interact with one another.

Their team of data analysts specializes in developing machine learning forecasting models based on past and present data, external factors, and 3rd party information to predict demand for retail products; perform deep customer analytics for insurance providers; design itinerary plans for logistics management; increase operational efficiency for manufacturers, and enrich any existing software.

Among their clients is SITA, which provides state-of-the-art digital solutions created for airport infrastructure and processes - including operational, baggage, and passenger processing. They also work with ClevAir, an intelligent energy management solution for buildings that allows to reduce energy costs and minimize carbon footprint, as well as Inpost, a leading postal service provider.


Founded in 2013, FloQast specializes in providing automated accounting software. Much of what contributed to the company's success and put it on the list of top artificial intelligence companies is the perception of an urgent need for custom accounting software among many stakeholders who are responsible for managing finances.

Many investors with no background in accounting have encountered difficulty keeping track of their own money, so they quickly recognized the company's potential in addressing this issue. However, FloQast primarily caters to those who do know about business: accountants! And not just because the founders were accountants, but also because many employees at FloQast come from backgrounds related directly to accounting.

The company focuses mainly on providing AI-powered accounting workflow automation through its product called FloQast AutoRec which enables streamlined process management by automating bank and clearing accounts reconciling with one simple click - all through uploading excel sheets or CSV files.

Among other accounting solutions is FloQast Close to manage month-end close tasks, FloQast Flux for financial analysis and financial planning, FloQast Analyze to identify and remove bottlenecks, FloQast Connect to integrate with ERP solutions, and more.

In 2021, after receiving an investment from Meritech Capital worth $110 million, the company was valued at $1.2 billion, which means it can now expand internationally and implement more financial functions.


Founded in 2012 by musician and innovator Will.i.am, I.AM + is a Los Angeles startup company aimed at providing software developers the necessary tools to create human-like conversational contexts using AI to be more contextually aware and proactive for users.

Leveraging the power of music and technological breakthroughs found within these outlets to invoke relevant user experiences has always been one of their main goals - so much so that they recently introduced Omega the proprietary technology developed by I.AM+ that consists of different models able to combine content such as conversational data, manual input methods, tailored interactions through chatbots or natural language understanding systems (NLUs).

Some examples of such systems include multimedia forms beyond text messages/images or voice-based interactions programmed to anticipate user needs, essentially bridging gaps between industries while simultaneously satisfying them all while collecting data on preferences. This technology enables various personalized notifications within the realm of predictive analysis along with data derived from usage patterns gathered beforehand.

The platform also offers a service whereby users can opt-in to receive personalized notifications based on predictive analytics and usage patterns.

In November 2017, I.AM+ secured $117 million in funding after having already garnered $89 million from a group of investors, including Salesforce Ventures.


Metropolis is an AI and computer vision start-up whose mission is to modernize parking and empower the future of mobility. The company was founded in 2017 and is currently based in Los Angeles, California. Metropolis brings together transportation, payment processing solutions, and local businesses while leveraging the latest technology to provide memorable driver-in/driver-out experiences for 1.8 million members.

Thanks to a successful investment round this year, which raised $167 million from top investors including 3L Capital and Assembly Ventures, Metropolis is currently expanding the scope of its ambitious projects.

The company has already managed to power incredibly dynamic drives-in/drives-out experiences for its 1.8 million clients, connect landlords to a rich center of commerce in the heart of an urban area through smart city technologies such as AI and computer vision, facilitate payments for things like parking or even house utilities, reduce congestion through intelligent routing, and streamlining public transportation systems by solving large-scale challenges over short distances, all while introducing new opportunities for people traveling across cities.


Keeping your business afloat in the competitive world of Los Angeles requires you to make data-driven decisions that are smarter and more cost-effective than your competitors’.

Machine learning helps businesses identify patterns in their own data and use this information to make better decisions about the future of the company—from targeting the best customers to improving products and services.

Whether you run an online store, or produce goods and services, these AI solutions will help you pinpoint insights about your customer base, facilitate business operations and make better decisions based on the insights provided by AI.