10 Best Product Design Youtube Channels

These product design YouTube channels are a must-watch if you want to learn from industry experts and improve your design thinking skills

Written by RamotionJan 25, 202310 min read

Last updated: Feb 25, 2024

All designers want to create something amazing, no matter how far they are in their design careers. However, standing out from the crowd often requires using costly tools and signing up for costly tutorials that may not be an option for most aspiring design professionals. The alluring nature of product design, and arguably its most appealing aspect, is that you can start your career in the design industry for free.

One great way of getting fresh product design ideas is by watching instructional YouTube videos by industry experts, who are willing to share their knowledge through free lessons and tutorials. It doesn’t require any investment apart from setting up a YouTube account, which is absolutely free!

By simply following YouTube design channels, you can gain fundamental design thinking and creative skills extending far beyond the conventional approach to product design. The tricky thing is, you never know which ones you need to follow until you watch them all.

But don’t worry - we value your time, so you don’t have to wade through tons of content to find the hidden gems! Experts from our digital product agency have come up with a list of our favorite YouTube channels that help you get started on your career journey or further your current position within the product design industry!

Flux Academy

Flux Academy is a go-to for both aspiring and seasoned designers founded by Ryan Segall, an expert with over 10 years of experience working as a freelance web designer. In his video tutorials, he shares what it's like to work in the world of product design and startup entrepreneurship - giving viewers an inside glimpse at the design process while also discussing the latest trends in graphic design.

Flux Academy channel has many informative videos on topics like UI/UX design, mobile design, digital product design, the hidden pitfalls of rebranding and redesign, pros and cons of working with various design systems when building a new website, building responsive websites in Figma, as well as various case studies that explore the best UX strategies for providing value to users.

Ryan also hosts Q&A sessions with some of the industry's top designers, offering valuable insight into the profession. His content is always informative and inspiring, so if you're interested in becoming a designer or just want to learn more about product design, Flux Academy is the perfect place to start!

If you want to hone your design skills, we recommend watching his video on basic web design software with detailed explanations of using the most common web design tools.


DesignCourse is one of the largest design YouTube channels, approaching one million subscribers. Its founder Gary Simon is a UX/UI designer, graphic designer, and full stack developer from the United States who has worked with such brands as DigitalTutors.com, Pluralsight.com, and LinkedIn Learning.

DesignCourse provides interactive design courses as well as a mentorship program for both aspiring and seasoned designers. The channel covers a wide range of topics, including product reviews, color and font guidelines, user-friendly layout tutorials, new design concepts, and career advice. Gary also shows his viewers how to effectively use design tools and front-end frameworks.

Recently, Gary has released a comprehensive Figma Crash Course 2023 where he shares valuable tips on designing a full website layout for different devices - desktop, tablet and mobile.


Mizko's YouTube Community boasts over 80k subscribers and continues to grow at an increasing rate into one of the most recognized and followed channels for UX/UI design news. Mizko is a UI/UX designer who produces high-quality in-depth tutorials, and lessons on working as a freelance professional or part of a team.

There are lots of threads talking about what it means to work as a freelancer or as someone who lives off their creativity alone (not always easy) but he walks people through it all with good humor which is just what makes this channel worth following along with.

Whether you are looking to create appealing portfolios to attract more clients, or change your design career trajectory, you will find lots of tips on using Figma for various purposes, such as designing mobile responsive websites and re-designing the existing ones.

With his in-depth content, people can gain a profound understanding of what Figma entails including lectures on character sheet layouts or information sheets layouts.

To date there are two courses available for free: The Ultimate Crash Course provides students with basic Figma tools so they can make simple designs without much difficulty (a popular segment is lettering), and The Design System Series, teaches everything from Sketch Import basics to Product styles; both resources are designed for anyone who wishes to broaden their knowledge about human-centric system design.


Dan White (known under the moniker of Dansky) is a design YouTuber who previously worked as a full-time graphic designer. He left his 9 to 5 job to pursue his passion for creating tutorials for aspiring designers on his YouTube channel. Having never had formal design training, Dan started teaching himself how to use different types of design tools such as Adobe software while attending high school.

Presently, White is active on YouTube, producing countless types of video tutorials about 3D animation, after effects, typography, and much more! His videos provide tutorials for graphic and product designers on using such popular tools as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, and Photoshop along with vector illustration and gradient tips for beginners with a focus on teaching creators how to incorporate these tools effectively in order to maximize results!

Yes, I’m a Designer

Yes, I'm A Designer is a YouTube channel hosted by a certified Adobe designer from the UK, Martin Perhiniak. His channel contains many great videos that help designers put their knowledge into practice and achieve impressive results. In his videos, Martin he provides concise tutorials and instructions to clearly explain every step of the design process.

His videos emphasize theory to allow viewers to delve deeper into concepts such as compositional density, font hierarchy, leading lines, and focal points among many other things.

Martin demonstrates how to use Photoshop in a straightforward way so anyone can learn it quickly - sharing tips and tricks for certain illustration techniques along the way.

Subscribe to this channel for great lessons in composition and layout, as well as useful tutorials on creating certain effects with Adobe Photoshop.

Product Design Online

Product Design Online is a free instructional course from a renowned designer Kevin Kennedy on how to use Fusion 360 - an online, cloud-based 3D modeling and engineering software.

The course consists of many videos where Kevin teaches his audience all the aspects of designing and engineering products with Fusion 360, such as importing various types of files, assembling imported models, converting mesh representations into solid bodies, core concepts in surface modeling and 3d printing in industrial design; as well as setting the necessary user parameters for each use case.

Whether you're experienced with working with CAD files or just starting out - these instructional videos will provide you with extensive guides on how to build your own 3D models from scratch.


ChunBuns is one of the best YouTube channels for designers who want to gain professional insights and learn new design thinking techniques. The channel was founded by an inspiring and knowledgeable product and UI designer Christine Chun from San Francisco. Videos on her channel provide invaluable insights into what it takes to make the leap from being a freelance designer to working with well-known businesses.

Christine regularly posts new videos providing step-by-step tutorials on creating your first UX design portfolio website, writing the perfect graphic design resume along with UX design case studies. These skills are essential for any aspiring designer looking to break into the industry.

With inspiring stories and valuable advice, ChunBuns is one of the best resources available for any aspiring professional creative. If you’re looking for a reliable YouTube channel for learning about product design, ChunBuns is a great place to start!

Jesse Showalter

Jesse Showalter, also known under the moniker of Jesse Atomic, is a full-stack UX designer and content creator who has built his YouTube channel up to over 200k subscribers from zero. On his channel, Jesse shares weekly digital design and web development videos focused on designing with tools and using alternative approaches to well-known design techniques.

Of particular interest is his recent Adobe XD Masterclass for Beginners, where he guides you through all the most important features of Adobe XD.

In his other videos, Jesse outlines the main differences between UI and UX design as well as what each entails, Common UI Design Patterns (which are ones we've discussed before), the latest Figma widgets that come out, and how to create animations without coding using Adobe XD. But apart from practical training, he also gives advice for aspiring designers, such as tips on making your first portfolio and getting ready for an interview.

If you're looking to learn more about being a web designer or UI designer - or even just a front-end developer - then there's something for you here too!

Rachel How

Rachel How is a UX designer from Malaysia who has made quite the name for herself in the UX/UI design space as an entirely self-taught designer. She is extremely passionate about teaching others how to pave the way for themselves in the design industry.

Rachel’s channel is quickly growing with over 100K subscribers and video postings nearly every week. Here designers can find practical tips on creating UI/UX case studies, planning design sprints, working with Figma and other design tools, dealing with creative burnout, and presenting their professional creatives to potential employers.

Besides advising those looking to get into this field without a traditional education plan, Rachael also blogs about topics like productive processes while balancing personal creativity ––all while maintaining quality content! Check out her Youtube page if you want honest advice backed by years of trial and error experience.

Pixel & Bracket

Spencer is a professional designer behind Pixel & Bracket, who has spent countless hours providing free resources for others to learn Adobe Illustrator. His YouTube channel has many different videos for those looking to learn about Graphic Design, whether for print or digital purposes.

The Adobe Illustrator tutorial for beginners will provide invaluable skills necessary to design freely, even if you've never used Illustrator before! If you'd rather learn how to draw with Illustrator, where to find the pen tool, or how to create a logo using it, then this is the class for you! As well as an instructional video series on learning the necessary skills in Adobe Photoshop for those who are just getting started. Spencer’s guide is so easy to follow that you’ll soon become familiar with Photoshop even if you have never opened it before.

And if you prefer tutorials tailored specifically towards editing photos, or combining them with other elements such as text, these classes are perfect for you too!


Product design has become increasingly competitive, and becoming successful in this field doesn't depend solely on one's natural talent. Innovations in design have evolved dramatically within the last decade with many new tools appearing, making it crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest trends if you want to succeed as a UX/UI or product designer.

Free product design YouTube channels offer valuable information for both aspiring and experienced designers looking to hone existing skills or acquire new ones. You don't have to learn through trial and error or spend a lot of money to become an expert because experienced product designers are willing to share their knowledge for free, providing useful tips and tricks that will help you choose the best product design strategy.