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Top 32 Revolutionary Healthcare Startups in New York

Are you looking for healthcare startups in New York? Check out this list of the 32 innovative health tech companies.

Written by RamotionAug 1, 202222 min read

Last updated: Feb 5, 2024

New York has become a thriving hub for innovation in the healthcare industry. From early-stage startups to large multinationals, there are always fresh minds thinking of new ways to change or build upon what already exists. They're coming up with solutions that empower patients, ensure their safety and explore health challenges faced by specific demographics. To celebrate these innovators and spread awareness about them, we've compiled a list of the top 32 healthcare startups in New York — some are well known, while others might be making headlines soon enough!

If you are interested in healthcare startup jobs or want to keep up-to-date with the current trends in the health tech industry, read on.

Health tech companies are inherently more nimble when it comes to finding inventive solutions to problems quickly, whereas large corporations with more stakeholders may require extra time before approving any given project. Plus, many healthcare startups focus on very specific problems where large corporations cannot devote much time since they're stretched too thin trying to run multiple branches at once.

Health tech companies have become so common today that it’s hard to imagine the modern healthcare system without thinking of some sort of tech-based solution. How did we get there? The healthcare startup industry has grown substantially over the past five years and will continue to expand in the future with support from the federal government, venture capitalists, and patient populations that want to take control of their health and well-being.

With various kinds of health-related apps available, such as those for fitness or mental wellness management, the healthcare industry can now be accessed anywhere and anytime thanks to technological advancements.

Check out these 32 avant-garde healthcare startups in NYC that are bringing major improvements to the modern healthcare system.

Healthcare Startups from New York City


Tempus is one of the most technologically advanced pharmaceutical startups in NYC that has built the world’s largest database of molecular and clinical data. Its goal is to provide personalized healthcare to patients across the globe through the interactive analytical and machine learning platform.

Tempus is focused on matching patients to relevant clinical trials based on each individual's unique molecular and clinical profile, so they can receive optimum care tailored specifically for them!

The company aims to expand upon its existing knowledge base through DNA sequencing services that generate high-quality somatic (body) genomic data as well as therapeutic context (i.e., information about treatments already received).


Cityblock is an online platform that makes it easy for patients to find their way around the sometimes-complicated, convoluted maze of medical care. Collaborating with healthcare providers and other community organizations to fill in any gaps left by traditional medicine, Cityblock is an organization dedicated to helping people lead healthier lives.

Their team of healthcare professionals includes primary care physicians, general practitioners, mental health specialists, and registered nurses available 24/7 who are ready to support patients with regular checkups or any other conditions or concerns they may have.

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The Paige Platform provides a new approach to detecting cancerous cells. Combining data from millions of digitized glass slides and corresponding pathology reports through innovative algorithms, Paige technology can identify pathological tissue patterns which might otherwise go undetected even by some highly trained professionals, allowing to streamline and regulate pathology diagnoses as well as unique tissue-based evaluations to enhance clinical testing outcomes.

Paige swiftly identifies and confirms phenotypic correlations by utilizing unique computational histopathology and clinical data to rapidly connect patients to clinical trials and medicines.

With its compatibility with most major scanner software programs and laboratory systems, Paige enables clinics to detect suspicious cells earlier, resulting in increasing patient survival rates.


With its interactive 3D models, the BioDigital platform has transformed complicated anatomical data into a user-friendly visual medium so healthcare providers can get a better understanding of human anatomy, disease treatments, and drugs.

With BioDigital, it's now possible to get a grasp of difficult anatomical concepts from high-quality 3D visualizations rather than through wordy explanations or diagrams.

BioDigital's revolutionary technology allows medical providers to choose highly successful treatment programs and show patients how these therapeutic approaches will affect them. The platform features over 600 health disorders, including cardiovascular disease, pancreatic cancer, hypertension, and others.


Kinetik is a healthcare technology and payments company that provides a suite of products and services for key stakeholders in the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) industry. By connecting key players — brokers, medical practices, and health insurers, Kinetik helps its partners find transportation solutions quicker than ever before.

Their amazing tech allows partners to improve access to patient care, streamline their internal operations, and reduce the overall costs of transportation. With this digital infrastructure—the largest in its field — Kinetik partners with Lyft, Uber, CarePool, and many other major transportation providers. Not only does it allow you to manage payment systems within the medical transportation sector, but also makes sure each process from start to finish gets optimized!

With everyone working together through this cohesive platform, they're among one of the most fast-growing New York startups, seeing huge improvements in providing patients with access to care when they need it most!

Komodo Health

Komodo Health is committed to using artificial intelligence to solve complex problems in healthcare and life sciences. With access to big data from across industries, including public domain information, Komodos's primary goal is to provide real-time data analysis for improved patient outcomes. Some of Komodo's products include Iris that helps analyze marketing shares, Aperture that assists in medical research, Prism that uses artificial intelligence technology in analyzing disease progression, etc. These technologies enable the creation of a complete Healthcare Map, the industry's most exact representation of the American healthcare system that includes various healthcare organizations.

Spring Health

Spring Health is one of the most innovative mental health startups in NYC. The platform combines patented, verified technology with clinical care navigation to provide seamless, high-quality treatment for mental health issues ranging from anxiety and sleep disorder to severe depression, panic disorder, and disruptive behavior.

The startup has created a questionnaire for people suffering from depression that asks about symptoms ranging from fatigue to sleeplessness and loss of appetite and then matches the responses to data from clinical trials to determine the most effective medication.

In addition to predicting medication efficacy, Spring Health also offers employers a personalized wellness program that allows them to lower their mental health spending and improve employee well-being. Thousands of people have already completed this questionnaire, showing its ability to properly identify prescription options for people suffering from mental health disorders across all the key demographics - age groups, genders, ethnicities, and cultures.

Experity Health

Experity Health is an innovative software company that facilitates delivering on-demand patient care. At Experity Health, they firmly believe that exceptional customer service leads to a successful business relationship with patients, which equates to a higher quality of medical services provided.

The platform has many unique features, such as enrolling patients within two minutes and analyzing clinical data related to the most common visits within one minute, allowing healthcare providers to meet each individual's needs and provide them with the best possible treatment.

Experity Health combines real-time patient feedback with a ticketing and issues tracking system to ensure that medical professionals always stay updated without missing out on opportunities to improve their services or report ongoing issues.


RxData is among the most innovative healthcare startups in New York, as it solves one of the most pressing needs for today's pharmaceutical industry. RxData provides access to market data - pharmaceutical pricing and clinical data on demand - through their platform to help life sciences companies make faster and better business decisions.

They provide us with this information through an easy-to-use platform that provides a global overview of the current state of pharmaceutical reimbursement and pricing decisions.

Pharmaceutical companies use RxData for quick access to vital insights about future opportunities, or potential changes in laws/policies that may negatively affect their profits, allowing them to make smarter business decisions.


Patients can find the care they need quickly and conveniently through Zocdoc by searching for doctors based on specialization, language, physical location, and availability. The database includes doctors' academic credentials and patient reviews to help them choose the most suitable medical practitioner.

You can ensure that your visit is approved by using Zocdoc's insurance checker, and the check-in option lets you fill out all the documentation electronically before your appointment.

Zocdoc also enables healthcare providers to locate and attract new patients to their practice without fear of missing out on important commercial carriers. To expand the scope of people who can potentially become their future patients, Zocdoc lists the most popular health insurers in the area.


With an easy-to-use app that pairs each member with a live clinician, Rightway makes it simple for both medical professionals and patients alike. On top of reducing out-of-pocket costs while increasing accessibility to quality care, this intelligent solution is also successful in guiding patients towards higher quality medicine, resulting in improved health outcomes.

Rightway's Intuitive technology connects patients to experienced clinicians who can help them find exactly what they need while ensuring they're getting access to high-quality medications at discounted prices and fostering relationships with proven experts who advocate for them every step of the way - right down to having monthly checkups!


Talkspace is a health tech startup that provides confidential services such as counseling, suicide prevention, and couples therapy, by connecting patients with qualified mental health professionals. Clients are required to undergo an online assessment before they're matched up with one of these medical providers and can schedule appointments accordingly.

The platform features over 2,000 therapists in its network covering different specialties like post-traumatic stress disorder or dual diagnosis issues. Each therapist has their own approach and treatment methods which means they can cater to every need.

Click Therapeutics

Click Therapeutics is a neurobehavioral intervention platform that specializes in using its own proprietary software to provide therapeutic solutions for people who have unmet medical needs.

The platform provides each patient with a step-by-step roadmap that helps them understand their condition better before getting the best treatment they need. With programs ranging from migraines and insomnia to overactive bladder and obesity, this platform is an invaluable resource for medical professionals looking to provide full care solutions to their patients.

Beacon Biosignals

Beacon Biosignals has recently raised $27 million in venture capital and is one of the most exciting health tech startups in NYC right now. The reason they’re among New York’s hottest health tech companies is that they are using artificial intelligence technology and data analytics to revolutionize the way people treat neurological and psychiatric diseases.

With a cutting-edge EEG neurobiomarker platform that captures brain activity at lightning speed.This company knows no bounds when it comes to innovation for neuroscience research or even just treating patients with neurological conditions!

Deep learning and powerful digital signal processing are used by Beacon's algorithms to detect event-related potentials (ERPs) across tens of thousands of patients. These ERPs are then analyzed using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), that support high-resolution analysis of brain activity data in order to develop an algorithm that could estimate the likelihood that an EEG would correspond with a certain neurological disorder at 95% accuracy. Beacon takes it one step further, by extracting this information from its Datastore system, containing data about over 30,000 different patients, and providing researchers with custom cohorts based on what they're looking for.

Associated metadata helps organizations examine the impacts of both therapeutic and nontherapeutic interventions by combining datasets without worrying about confounds between them. With custom cohort analysis, one can investigate mechanistic insights, uncover new potential outcomes, and make calculations for future studies.


Ro is a primary care platform focused on providing high-quality healthcare services to customers in need of quick, simple access to top professionals from various medical fields and prescription drugs. The health tech startup has received a total of $500 million in funding from investors to help with its development over the last 5 years.

The major objective of the organization is establising direct connection between customers and healthcare companies, where no insurance, employer-sponsored programs, or supervision are necessary. It reduces administrative expenses by focusing on strategic efficiency engineering measures such as price reduction that put them on the level with your out-of-pocket expenditures in terms of co-pays at any particular moment.


MedCPU is an NYC startup that uses its patented Advisor technology to provide effective authentic industrial decision support products and technologies. This revolutionary SaaS technology gathers and processes data obtained from Electronic Medical Records and physician handwritten notes. Its unique Context Engine dissects the vital medical material in health records and related documentation, creating a comprehensive portrait of the individual and using the most recent developments to facilitate the decision-making process in medical science.

Vesta Healthcare

Vesta Healthcare is a health tech startup in New York that focuses on implementing in-home care technology that allows elderly patients to receive timely medical assistance. Vesta provides caregivers and their patients with the tools and real-time information they need to enhance the quality of care and treatment outcomes. Vesta’s main objective is allowing individuals who require specific help to have a better quality of life by ensuring that their carers have the appropriate tools, information, and support.

Vesta Healthcare has recently introduced its new mobile app, Vesta for caretakers. The software is intended for both job and domestic carers as well as care recipients. It helps everyone, from a trained care assistant to a close relative who is working as a caretaker for the first time. The data that carers and recipients view on the app is determined by a specific health care plan. Carers are educated about various aspects of in-house care allowing them to keep their loved ones safe.


Accolade is a fully customized healthcare platform with an almost 90 percent member satisfaction rate. It employs remote monitoring technologies to provide a timely evaluation of the condition of at-risk individuals, allowing for detection of abnormalities sooner, reducing costs, and providing better treatment alternatives. Accolade allows companies, healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical corporations, and medical device makers save money by implementing comprehensive disease control methods.

Accolade Care's mental well-being solution is supported by a team of general practitioners, care supervisors, and mental health professionals.

They do not isolate or divide out mental health well-being from physical health. Rather, they join them together to make sure staff members receive all the necessary help they need. Over 30% of the platform users have reported an improvement in their depression symptoms.

Flatiron Health

A New York healthcare startup that is seeking to make a contribution to the field of biomedicine. The objective of Flatiron Health is to help cancer patients by improving therapy and expediting scientific discoveries. Flatiron has constructed a breakthrough, interventional software system that will connect cancer research institutions worldwide on a common technological architecture to tackle crucial medical issues.

The Flatiron Health platform now features a patient portal and integrated billing administration, in addition to the industry-leading electronic health records for cancer, an innovative analytics tool, and a patient portal. Furthermore, its goal is to assist cancer institutions and life science firms in using unprecedented scale and clinical depth real-world oncology data to improve cancer care and expedite research.

Eden Health

Eden Health is a comprehensive solution for companies that make the mental and physical health of their employees their top priority. The company sells its tech-based primary and mental health care services to employers directly so they can offer it as a benefit for employees. Besides, unlike most other NYC healthcare startups, Eden Health offers training and consulting to employers on how to best leverage these services in their workplace.

Employees can access Eden Health’s app where they will find all the relevant information about their insurance, book medical appointments online, or attend private clinics brought right to their workplace, making access to healthcare benefits easier than ever before. The platform has an intuitive user-friendly interface, so one doesn't need to be tech savvy to start using it.

Alpha Ridge

A global leader in consulting, technology services, and digital transformation, AlphaRidge is leading the way with innovative ways to meet client needs while understanding industry trends. Their approach includes security, reliability, scalability, and providing clients with a roadmap for success—from cloud-hosted environments to comprehensive IT support.

The company offers services such as objective vendor selection by analyzing provider data, as well as transitional and ongoing training and support.

AlphaRidge is one of America's leading healthcare consulting firms that helps hospitals achieve their objectives and missions thanks to our wealth of knowledge about performance measurements as well as other factors including compliance with regulations; optimizing encounters, creating an effective organizational structure, interfacing with laboratories or HIEs (health information exchanges) just to name a few.


Medly is an online pharmaceutical startup that offers free, same-day delivery on all prescription medications. Its mission statement is to help create healthier communities by delivering high-quality pharmaceuticals to those who need them most. Medly also strives to provide excellent patient experiences across the spectrums they serve—from aiding community members' health needs and improving medication adherence to easy browsing of medicines using their simple mobile interface.

Medly caters to a wide range of needs with its mobile app, convenient email contact, and reliable delivery service.

You can stay connected to your doctor or other health care provider at any time of day without ever having to worry about forgetting your prescription medication because it will be delivered right when you need it!

Their founders hail from a family lineage of pharmacists who deeply understand how pharma service has changed healthcare for both providers and consumers alike over time, especially when it comes to keeping up with the latest advancements in technology when it comes down to improving safety standards.


Noom is an innovative startup company that uses advanced technology to help people across the world lead healthier lives by offering an award-winning app and personal coach support. With features such as coaching sessions, nutritional plans, workout logs, and reminders, Noom creates a healthy lifestyle for each individual. Users are connected to one of its professional coaches who assists them in overcoming emotional obstacles and reaching fitness goals, focusing on both physical and mental well-being.

Apart from one-on-one coaching sessions, Noom also offers social networks and support groups for like-minded people.


Pager is a healthcare startup providing convenient access to doctors through AI-powered solutions and virtual care platforms connecting users to the right care, at the right time, and in the right place. Founded by Oscar Salazar and Uber designer Gaspard de Dreuzy, Pager offers an innovative service responding to consumers' needs for timeliness and value when it comes to healthcare.

With Pager, patients can receive a personalized prescription plan from a doctor who will come to their home by booking an appointment 24/7 with just a few taps. Pager services cost an average of $200, including any follow-up care and prescription drugs needed.


Modern healthcare systems are far from perfect, so there’s plenty of room for improvement. Zipdrug aims to improve the way patients receive their medications by taking convenience to the next level with its app-based on-demand delivery service and cooperating with leading pharmacy providers from various health plans that guarantee timely delivery of prescription drugs right to patients’ homes. No more standing in lines at pharmacies waiting to get your prescription filled, or having to drive yourself there and back just to pick up your prescription meds!


Cedar helps individuals navigate the healthcare services with its tailored journey from appointment confirmation through to payment. Powered by data science and interactive design, Cedar applies its unique platform to link providers and payers for personalized interactions at every stage of a treatment plan - no matter how someone prefers to interact - whether via clinical patient portals, or digital appointments, contact centers, or our login-free web app.

Founded by seasoned entrepreneur Florian Otto (a former physician), Cedar's platform is powered by multichannel connectors to achieve visibility across all the stakeholders of the ecosystem, including providers, payers, and customers.

The platform enables accurate cost estimates by personalizing communication depending on accuracy, network status, and service type, and it helps patients avoid surprises by providing timely information about their responsibilities for all scheduled treatments, including out-of-network medical services.

Maven Clinic

Parents are often left alone without access to the resources they need when going through postpartum recovery, returning to work, or seeking specialized pediatric attention. Maven is a virtual clinic for women's and family health services with over 10 million families under their belt who have used the service throughout every stage of life from fertility, pregnancy, parenting, or family planning. Having been founded by Kate Ryder as a telemedicine platform in 2014, it has been one of the fastst growing healthcare companies, having raised $200 million in investment so far as people seek out crucial support across these areas — helping millions of women and families navigate their way through anything concerning their fertility.

Maven gives access to healthcare services both in person and online, through affordable pricing plans designed specifically with a client in mind. This makes it possible for clients to be more involved in their own health and wellness plans, instead of relying solely on providers.

Perry Health

Perry Health is a health tech company in NYC that provides remote care for people living with diabetes between doctor visits. Their goal is to improve the lives and outcomes of individuals with chronic disease through a remote-first care model.

A patient receives a glucometer, and an unlimited number of strips delivered to their home, to monitor blood glucose levels on their own while staying in touch with Perry's team of nurses, physicians, and dietitians at any time via the app or web portal, who promptly react when there are irregular spikes or drops that need attention ASAP.

Perry Health specialists use advanced technology and care programs to provide nutritional education, medication guidance, and preventative care 7 days a week. All of Perry Health’s services are currently covered under Medicare, and they continue to work hard on lowering costs even further so it doesn't feel burdensome at all.


Lively was founded with one goal in mind: to provide personalized hearing solutions and ease this challenge for those who have been diagnosed with moderate-to-severe hearing loss. Their professional staff designs tailored audio devices according to the needs of patients based on test results - something typically unheard of but imperative for comfort and full personalization.

The Lively Bundle comes equipped with 3 years' worth of access to remote follow-up support for adjustments if your loud environment changes or new issues arise.

It is often much more affordable because it eliminates visits to an audiologist's office; simply contact them online! Once a patient buys their hearing aids, they get access to three years worth of remote follow-ups and professional adjustments on your devices for free via the Lively app whenever they need it, which makes it way easier and more affordable than visiting an audiologist's office, every time they need to make an adjustment.

Tesseract Health

Tesseract Health is a successful health tech company that was founded in 2018 by Dr. Jonathan Rothberg and has raised $80 million to date. Tesseract's goal is to democratize healthcare delivery for all people around the world. They are improving medical equipment and ushering in a new era of healthcare by developing a low-cost device for disease monitoring and prevention. This groundbreaking optical technology confirms that the eye provides access to the human body. By using this device at home, individuals can detect diseases earlier than before which will lead to higher quality lives.

The Tesseract gadget offers high-quality retinal imaging via an easy-to-use, connected device that uses various image capturing technologies along with proprietary algorithms, making it easier than ever before to monitor one's health status on an ongoing basis without expensive lab testing or specialist visits.

The retinal scans are instantly transferred to secure cloud storage for additional processing, which is used to deliver exact predictions and diagnoses of a number of health conditions, including neurodegenerative diseases and cardiovascular risk.


Season is among the most recent NYC healthcare startups. This food and health technology company started in 2019 and has the goal of providing opportunities for those affected by nutritional sensitive disorders. Their team enables healthcare organizations to implement scalable, population-wide food benefits management programs through their evidence-based food prescription program.

Season helps health plans implement cost-effective population health management programs through our evidence-based food programing, offering top-tier registered dietician support, different meal options and delivery to members' homes. All their customers receive personalized recommendations and tailored treatment plans based on their current health conditions and food preferences.

Season collaborates with top healthcare systems to assist doctors in developing evidence-based food prescriptions for patients with a wide range of illnesses, such as diabetes and kidney disease, to help them achieve their best possible health outcomes while still remaining within budget constraints.

Butterfly Network

Butterfly Network is a health technology company that develops the Butterfly iQ - the world's first and most affordable portable, whole-body ultrasound probe. With its Ultrasound-on-ChipTM technology, this breakthrough gadget decreases the cost of a standard ultrasound system by reducing it down to a single semiconductor silicon chip. Butterfly has combined their mobile device with cloud-based software to produce an authentic imaging solution—one that offers crucial information across various healthcare settings in multiple use cases. This data facilitates faster clinical decision-making and leads to improved workflow, which helps doctors provide better results for patients.

The company also produces other innovative technologies such as Butterfly Transform (a new point-of-care full body scanner for medical practices), next generation Butterfly iQ+, and IQ+Vet (an ultrasound scanning solution for veterinarians). These digital solutions are compatible with smartphones and get regular updates, providing them with advanced imaging capabilities.


The number of startups in New York that focus on innovation in the healthcare industry has increased significantly over the last 10 years. So, if you're considering joining an existing company or starting your own business, you can take advantage of the vast opportunities in today's health tech market.

With so many health-related start-ups emerging, as well as NY being historically a great place for tech innovators to thrive, we believe it is the best time for tech savvy individuals to make a difference in the healthcare industry.