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List of Tools for Debugging in 2023: Choose from the Best

Developers and programmers rely on various tools for debugging codes. Explore the importance and functionality of the latest tools available in the market.

Written by RamotionOct 13, 202311 min read

Last updated: Oct 13, 2023

Web developers play a crucial role in maintaining the growth of modern digital businesses. The time and effort invested in code development contribute to multiple aspects of an organization, ranging from good user experience to smooth execution of online business processes. Hence, a website must run most efficiently for web developers to succeed.

However, code development is only one aspect of their jobs. A developer must also have the skill to identify bugs in a code and fix problems in a program to ensure a stable online presence for an enterprise. While careful attention to the code is necessary for a successful program, developers also install debugging tools to complete the task.

This article will explore the role and essentials of various debugging tools. We will discuss the need for these tools in the development process and share a list of possible options available in the market.

Read along to navigate through the top ten debugging tools in the market that you can choose from for your hunt against the bugs.


Imagine you are about to launch an up-and-coming product into the market. The teams have spent months preparing the perfect product launch, and an exciting buzz is going around in the workplace. All is going according to the plan when a developer shows up to give you upsetting news in your office.

Your developer came to tell you about a glitch in the launch page. The page animations are stuck, which will ruin the entire user experience for your customers. The much-awaited launch becomes an idea that might be delayed. You inquire about the reason and are told about an unidentifiable bug in the code at the backend.

Now, that puts you in a tough spot. All your plans and strategies take a back seat against a tiny bug in your code. There was a lot at stake, and you did not realize that when you ignored your development team’s need for a debugging tool.

It's good that this is a hypothetical situation, and you still have time to explore your options.

Debugging is a crucial process in any software or application development. Developers find bugs that are errors in the code and work to resolve them. The errors become a hurdle in the smooth running of a code. Hence, it is essential to fix the program.

Every developer makes their code through a debugging process where the source code undergoes testing and troubleshooting.

While finding, analyzing, and fixing bugs looks straightforward, it is a complex process that requires the attention of the debugger at every stage of the program files. The process is critical to smoothly running any application, software, or operating system. Thus, web developers should use their best tools and resources to debug code.

Defining Debugging Tools

It is a complicated process to fix and debug a code. Many developers look for appropriate debugging tools online to assist them in the complex task.

A debugging tool assists search for errors in a code (Embedded Computing Design)

Debugging tools work to provide a clear picture of all possible bugs in a code by highlighting the lines in the program that have an error, making the search for problems a more straightforward process for the developers. Some standard features of a debugger can be listed as follows:

  • Act as a query processor to highlight the bugs
  • Become a symbol resolver to fix the programs
  • An expression interpreter to understand the code
  • Provide a debug support interface to ensure ease of use

Moreover, some debugging tools can pause the program at some event or specified instruction. Debuggers can also modify programs while running or bypass a possible crash in the code to ensure the smooth running of the managed code. The features make debugging easier to get an error-free source code.

A debugger can also be used to assist in general verification, fault coverage, and performance analysis of any programs. Each debugger can vary in the platforms that it can work on and can range from Windows and Android to iOS systems. Moreover, windows kits are also available in the market, allowing only debugging on window systems.

Since a Windows SDK is limited in its choice of operating systems, you must look out for other tools available in the market. Look at the top ten debugging tools you must consider when selecting one for your business.

Best Debugging Tools for 2023

All online business platforms start as an assembly language source code that must be tested and debugged before you get a website as the final product. While a developer is the brain behind the process, they require some tools to make the job easier.

One such tool is a debugging engine that can find and fix the bugs in a program.

While the internet will introduce you to an endless list of Windows debugging tools, we have curated a list of the top ten debugging tools you can find in 2023. Let’s learn some basic information about the best developer tools to debug.


Airbrake is one of the best debugging tools available online (airbrake.io)

Airbrake is a cloud-based debugging tool that offers a bug-reporting solution for small and midsize businesses. It is easy to install and can integrate with different applications as well. The tool is available in multiple languages, including JAVA, Python, and Ruby. It also has an error-monitoring system that ensures easy identification and classification of bugs in your program.

With its flexible pricing options - monthly and yearly - it is one of the best debugging tools on the market. It is low maintenance with a quick and easy installation process. Moreover, it generates real-time error alerts that can be traced back to the lines of your code, making the process more efficient and accessible.

Chrome DevTools

Google Chrome has its extension for a debugger (CSS-Tricks)

Google Chrome is the most popular browser today, making Chrome DevTools one of users' most common debugging engines. Its best feature is that it comes with the Google Chrome package, added as an extension to the browser. It is a very versatile debugging tool that allows you to test multiple viewports of your entire website or focus on any individual component.

The simple interface makes it a user-friendly tool for developers who can benefit from its detailed technical documentation for guidance. Moreover, it consists of performance panels that help developers measure the webpage performance. The cutting-edge web Chrome DevTools is one of modern developers' most accessible and versatile debugging engines.


GDB is an open-source debugging tool for UNIX systems and programming languages like C and C++. It is also called the GNU project debugger. It uses the command line interface to complete various tasks, including function calling, variable monitoring, and remote debugging.

It is one of the best choices that are free to use. Additionally, it can work with other debugging tools, like the leak detectors.


ReSharper is an extension to the Visual Studio (Logowik)

ReSharper is a Microsoft Visual Studio debugger that is used as an extension to Visual Studio. It automates parts of the coding process, looks for compiler problems, and suggests fixes.

Its real-time error detection offers quality code analysis that leads to the adoption of better code practices and faster delivery of quality applications.

The Visual Studio debugger has a flexible pricing model for organizations and individual customers. It also includes separate offers and discounts for educational institutes and startups.

Hence, if you are an organization that fulfills any discount criteria, this could be the right debugging tool for you to choose.


Memfault is a cloud-based platform that offers debugging and device monitoring and updating. Hence, it plays a vital role in streamlining the software development process. Since enterprises can ensure timely fixing of bugs in the source code, they can produce a wide range of IoT products.

It is a modular debugging engine that can work with Android, windows, or any other operating system. The versatility of the debugging tool offers better chances of effective strategy and scalability for businesses. If you are looking for a tool that allows you to be creative in your development processes, Memfault is the right choice.


SonarLint is an extension of IDE (DevOps School)

SonarLint offers top-notch debugging that results in clean and high-quality codes. It is an extension of the IDE that fixes bugs and solves security issues in a program in real-time. It functions like a spell checker, highlighting your errors while writing the code, and enabling you to fix them before running the program.

dbForge SQL Tools

SQL tools is a complete kit that provides advanced solutions for developing, managing, and administrating the SQL database. dbForge allows access and search for data in different databases.

It offers autocompletion capabilities to users and enables them to control versions of other databases. It also ensures the comparison of additional data requirements and optimizes the performance of your database.

The dbForge SQL Tools stand out due to its built-in debugger of stored procedures and triggers that enable developers to efficiently trace, recreate, and troubleshoot problems in MySQL. Moreover, it is easily integrated with the SQL server, making the process easier to handle and more user-friendly.


Testsigma offers customizable solutions for testing

Testsigma is one of the leading open-source platforms for testing and debugging. It is unique in offering customizable solutions for end-to-end testing. The debugger ensures faster testing on multiple platforms, including web servers, mobile apps, and APIs. It is a codeless test automation with an NLP-based approach.

It autoheals the bugs in a program with Testsigma’s engine that offers enterprise-level capabilities and data management. It is a Windows debugging tool and can be used for Android and iOS apps. Since it is an easily accessible platform with diverse functions, you should consider using it as your enterprise’s debugging tool.

Sourcery CodeBench

Sourcery CodeBench is a complete debugging and developing toolkit to optimize your software solutions. Mentor Graphics developed it and is now owned by Siemens. It supports various domains, including video applications, connectivity, and graphics. The tool's versatility enables it to work on multiple programs with different architecture requirements.

In addition to offering a diverse working capability to its users, CodeBench also functions on multiple operating systems like Windows, Android, and others. It provides the option of remote debugging and offers advanced insights to study and analyze the system's behavior.

Microsoft Visual Studio Code

VS Code can be used for various languages (Microsoft Tech Community)

It is also known as Visual Studio Code or VS Code. It is a Microsoft console debugger that can also be used on Linux and macOS. It is one of the most popular developer environment tools. Debugging, autocompletion, syntax highlighting, and code refactoring are some of the main features of this debugging tool.

It can be used for various programming languages, including JAVA, JavaScript, Python, C, C#, and C++. It stands out because it can support new languages by creating new extensions. Thus, offering a platform that is diverse, scalable, and flexible with a variety of languages and working environments.

Hence, as you search for an ideal debugging tool for your enterprise, check out each name on our top ten list for 2023. You will indeed find a debugger that aligns perfectly with your requirements.


The digital marketplace is a critical tool for businesses to succeed today. As a result, there remains a strong reliance on websites, and developers need to think outside the box to stand out.

While creativity remains a goal, the program must run flawlessly at the backend, where debuggers help get the job done. Programming languages can be tricky to work with, and finding a bug to fix in the midst of it can become challenging.

Hence, tools for debugging are necessary for more efficient and collaborative debugging. A debugger can assist in finding and fixing the bugs in any code.

Some of the best tools for debugging include Airbrake, Chrome DevTools, and more. Since the market is filled with tools to debug codes, enterprises must take extra caution when choosing.

We have presented a list of the ten best options for you to select when looking for suitable debuggers. Ensure you understand your requirements to the best of your ability before picking one from the list.

If you are still wondering if a debugging tool is something you need, then think about the growing impact of the digital market, and remember, you need the right tools to make your mark in a rapidly growing online world.