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User Experience Designer Los Angeles, CA: Top 9 UI-UX Agencies You Should Know

To look for a UX design expert can help you with the development of your digital product. Check out our best list of User Experience Designer Los Angeles, CA in this article.

Presumably, you already knew that hiring a UX design expert is significant, don’t you? A UX expert is the one to be in-charge of your company’s user experience (UX) design. This expert will be conceptualizing and formulating a user-centric digital product design to be utilized for the purpose of pleasing the customers.

It’s not easy to please your business customers. You need to be mindful of this reality. Why so? They have certain demands and needs and it is your responsibility to meet those things. Understand the fact that meeting those things is quite a challenge. That is why implementing a user-focus approach is vital. Fulfilling what the customers are looking for is your social obligation as a business entity.

It’s about going to the top!

The perspective here is quite simple. You are investing in different business strategies and techniques because you want to gain competitive advantage. But you can only have the chance of getting to the top of the competition line when you have the best design agency on your side.

Is it hard to find the perfect and suitable firm? Not that so because there are established companies today to successfully help you achieve your goals and objectives. Despite the fact that it is going to be a series of trials and errors before you can hit success, choosing the right agency is the soundest decision you can ever make. Your main goal is to find the right one who will be with you until you enjoy a continuous flow of sales and revenues.

Again it’s not that easy to go to the top given the fact that the competition might be so tough under your chosen industry. However, don’t let your business be left behind. The most interesting thing you should think of is how you will hit dramatic success through a user-centric business approach. Nothing else.

Top agencies you can choose from

There are a lot of options in Los Angeles, California when it comes to hiring the right user design company. Of course, you have to choose only the best agency from the possible choices. Don’t compromise this thing because this is your best chance to go to the top.

Let a professional and credible user experience designer help you create the right products or services for your intended audience (target market). Remember that customer satisfaction is the main gateway to have sustainable income and profit.

Check out this article and know those 9 tested and reliable companies which have the best services offered. The companies mentioned below have top-notch teams that consist of User Experience Designer Los Angeles, CA.

1. Ramotion

This is a well-recognized company with experts in user experience design and development. If you find Netflix and Mozilla really satisfying, then you are going to be a fan of Ramotion. Founded in San Francisco, Ramotion expanded in Los Angeles where startups are cropping up. The company’s goal is to have their designers become almost part of the client’s team.

As a full-service company, Ramotion also does marketing, branding, and, of course, user interface (UI) design, among other things.

How important are the company’s offered services? They have served their business clients apparently. For them, constant communication while developing a digital product is key to success.

Further today, communication doesn’t end when the product has been delivered. It rather has to continue because a user experience design is always going to change.


Based in Los Angeles, this company was established in 2016. Maybe, you would think that this is a company without the needed experiences. You’re wrong.

WANDR has already worked for Geico and IBM. These are just two of the biggest names in the tech world that this company has been working with.

The firm really wants to work with small up to mid-sized business organizations, helping them to grow into a large company. It specializes in the following industries: IT, healthcare and medical.

The goal is to make digital products more professional and more relatable to a large audience. This makes sense as IT, healthcare, and medicine are very technical industries that might be hard to comprehend by average Joes.

3. Vincit

This one is based in Irvine, California, but still serves a lot of Los Angeles companies. Vincit has been in the business for quite some time. Since 2007, it has been offering UX/UI design related services.

The company’s most famous clients include Logitech and Yamaha. Furthermore, a solar panel manufacturer is one of Vincit’s most unforgettable clients. Vincit designed and created an app that would allow the customers to implement scanning functionality. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

4. Thunderbolt Studios

Based in Beverly Hills, Thunderbolt Studios was founded in 2014. The purpose of its creation was to provide custom technology development and digital design options for various business clients. Of course, user experience is part of the package. This company also provides mobile application designs as well as web app development services.

Another great thing about Thunderbolt Studios is its ability to adapt to what the client does. It’s not just a matter of asking the client what it wants. Thunderbolt Studios want clients to have a hands-on contribution to the digital product. This company counts Fox Sports as one of its many satisfied clients.

5. Goji Labs

Only seven years of its existence and the company is already experienced in terms of web-based services. This is another Los Angeles-based company.

Goji Labs is expert in user experience and more. It was founded in 2014. This company has been providing mobile and web app development services to a number of Los Angeles companies. Two of its popular clienteles are the City of LA and UCLA.

As well, this agency is serving international organizations. Want a concrete example? Both the World Health Organization and World Wildlife Fund are their global business clients.

Goji Labs is serving these large companies that you almost think that this is a veteran UX design agency. It’s not. Looking at the client list of Goji Labs, you’ll realize how versatile this agency is.

6. Isadora Agency

Serving the state of California, Isadora Agency has been in business since 2009. It has been providing UX design services as well as design and development. But what makes this company even better is that it provides branding services, too. Awesome, right?

Branding is really important and that can be integrated with the website design. It’s also good for branding when the UX design is good. It would translate to the company providing great web service, too. A comment from an Isadora client states that the agency helped empower them as a company. That sounds really great especially when it comes to startups.

7. Exhibea

While Exhibea offers a lot of other services, its e-commerce design is top-notch. The agency only started in 2014 but has since amassed luxury clients for online stores, UX and UI design, and branding. It’s hard to showcase luxury online. Somehow, Exhibea does that really well. The goal was always to showcase how luxurious products are online as if people are actually looking at them in person.

Clients have spoken and they have praised the responsiveness of the digital products that Exhibea completed. Among its clients are Hollywood at Home and August & June.

8. Establish Marketing

What a great name for a Los Angeles-based company that is at the top of its game in terms of marketing. That’s not to say that it doesn’t offer UX design service because it does. But it offers so much more, too.

The company was established in 2010. Since then, it has only been growing. The graphic design of the company is also top-notch. Establish Marketing has a lot of familiar companies among its client list. There is 3M, Hershey, and Marshall, among others. Each company is different from the next. That only means that the agency is truly versatile.

9. Nextware Technologies

Founded in 2006, Nextware Technologies is based in Santa Monica. Over the 15 years of its existence, the agency even found a way to expand in Valencia, Spain. The agency only has fewer than 10 people but it has big-name clients like American Red Cross and Landor.

Nextware is also known for developing mobile apps that could really help companies become more visible with the endgame of translating to market conversion. That has always been every business’s goal—to make a profit.

Understanding the growing business demand in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is now an emerging tech hub as manifested by the saturation of the city with tech companies and startup businesses.

Aside from this fact, the city is also a good place to look for an expert in user experience designs.

Why is looking for a UX designer within the city important?

As an emerging tech hub, it follows the idea that the best tech heads are living and operating their user experience related businesses in the area. For sure, you can have the top-rated web developers and web designers in LA. But not just them as you can also have the best UI and UX designers there.

Look for User Experience Designer Los Angeles, CA now!

There are a lot of LA-based user experience experts and design agencies. You need to find the right one that could truly elevate your company. Remember that when you fail to have the best product or service for your audience, you may eventually fail to bring your brand to the next level. Bottom line is you should find and utilize user experience and interface designs to ensure that your potential customers will be happy.

We all know that websites are truly important if we want your specific business to have a large reach. However, a business website created without considering UX-UI perspectives won’t be able to meet its goals and objectives. Clearly put, it needs the help of a crucible and trusted designer to translate related strategy to profit.

User experience will have a lot to do with how customers respond to the company. If they are satisfied with their experience on the website, chances are they will make a purchase. They might even become a loyal client.


It must be done today, not tomorrow. Do it now because it can detriment your business operation if you are going to procrastinate. Your best chance to hit competitive advantage is today.

Let your brand name and identity be heard by your potential customers on the web. UX digital designs are vital for success. Contact a UX designer now. Today is the most opportune time to enjoy growth and success.