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Most Common Web Designer Interview Questions

Web designing is one of the most lucrative careers in today’s economy. That is why you have to know the most common web design interview questions to be thrown at you.

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One of the most lucrative careers this time is to engage in the web design industry. But it is not easy to be one of those highly-paid web designers and web solution providers in the world today. You need to spend time, money and effort to be one. This article will somehow help you in the aspect of job interview. There are web designing interview questions which are very common among the interviewers. Knowing those questions can certainly help you have the best job ever.

You need to have early preparation. Usually, there are web designer interview questions that you brilliantly answer when you’re well-prepared. Some of those questions just require your common sense and a deep level of logical analysis. Therefore, knowing those questions can truly help you. It can lead you to ultimate success if you are eaer to land for a web designing job. The web designer interview questions and answers for experienced developers should be divulged. The main intention is to let you know how to respond to the interviewer in a proper and intelligent manner.

What are the web designer interview questions?

Below are 5 common questions to be thrown at you. Understand them and be prepared well when answering the interviewer.

What are the responsibilities and functions of a web designer?

This is one of the most common web designer interview questions. Of course, every employer will really ask if you know what you should do. So, you have to determine the extent of your responsibilities and functions as well as the limits and bounds. By doing so, it can attract the employer. The company to hire you will be amazed because you’re giving them a piece of your mind. The interviewer is usually expecting something you can contribute to the company. That is why they will be asking this question. Furthermore, you need to expand the details of your answers. Show them that you really have the capacity to help them grow and succeed.

A typical example is you are going to explain that you’re well-versed in both front-end and back-end web development. Designing a responsive website is your expertise. Then, provide the interviewer with concrete examples as to how you’re able to make their business really great. With a sense of transparency, the interviewer will be more likely to appreciate you being the interviewee. It can provide you with more plus points. At the end of the day, the garnered points by the candidates including you will be assessed and they will tend to choose the one with more points.

Can you explain about the features of a great and responsive design?

In today’s business landscape, the responsiveness of a website design should be given utmost significance. This is the bottom line why you really have to know how to create and design a responsive site. Being mobile-friendly is one of the best ways you should know in order to create a deeply responsive site design. You should show them the enthusiasm and vigor during the interview. Through this way, they will appreciate your attributes. It is necessary to establish a positive vibe and impression when undergoing the initial step to land a job. Take note that there are a number of interviewees competing to be hired. You’re just one of them. Thus, it is vital to impress the interviewee.

For a particular business to have a great online performance, it is important to have a responsive web design. This is the main reason that this question is one of the most common ones to be asked. Don’t ever try to forget this one. This must be part of the intensified preparation that you have to focus on. A great and responsive design should be explained well to the interviewee. Otherwise, you will be left behind by the other interviewees who are ready in this aspect. Determine the domain and range of this interview question.

How are you going to respond to some extreme criticisms by the client?

Be reminded that in landing a job, there is always an uphill direction you need to surmount. Not everything is pleasurable. In fact, most of the time the taste is unfavorable. Not really good. That is why you have to be ready with responding to the extreme and hard criticisms of your employer. There are times when you think you’re already done with a certain part of the project and the client will tell you to repeat the process because for him, you lack something. This is a normal phenomenon. A situation like this must be handled well. So, you have to explain the process on how you are going to respond to this type of challenge.

Once you can clarify to the respective interviewer the process you will be undertaking, you can feel that you’ll be appreciated. Keep in mind that you need to be appreciated as an interviewee. The interviewer should praise you because it means he or she is satisfied with your answer. Somehow, it’s a difficult question because it also involves your personal characteristics. Your own attributes will prevail in this regard. Therefore, you have to be ready at all times to provide the interviewer with a clear and transparent explanation as to how you’re going to resolve issues related to the client’s possible objection to your work output.

Can you cite some examples of a bad or unwanted website design?

There is always a trick during the interview. Not only positives are going to be given out but also negatives. Usually, the interviewer will ask you to cite examples of a bad web design. Why is this question going to be asked? This is to test the vastness and extent of your technical and experiential know-how as a web designer. You should be ready with this. As much as possible, do everything to explain this aspect clearly. The interviewer is thirsty with a deliberate explanation regarding this matter. It is a requisite that you explain to the interviewer how much knowledge you have pertinent to this aspect.

A typical way to explain this aspect is by telling a credible story of your past experiences. If possible, try to relate to the audience regarding the web designs that are really bad. Of course, you might have your own experience with respect to this. So, be honest. You can admit that in the past, you had experienced having a bad design for a certain client. Then, you really exerted much effort to modify the design until you finally got the right one that really worked. An honest admission of a certain mistake is a noble thing that you can do. Being an interviewee, your honesty can lead you to the ultimate goal which is the acceptance to the job being applied for.

Are you going to involve the client in your overall web design process?

This is another question that requires your honesty. The rule of thumb is this. When you’re designing a website for a certain business entity, the owner and management team of that company usually have preliminary concepts and ideas. Further to say, they may already have employed UX and UI designers to help them understand their target audiences. The concepts and information they have from UX and UI designers can be utilized for the enhancement of your own concepts as the web designer. In other words, involving the client and the concerned party of the management is a must. Don’t fly solo. And you need to explain this matter to the interviewer. By doing this, the company to hire you will give you more plus points.

Involving the client is also a sign of respect to the company that will hire you. Explain how the client is going to be involved. For sure, there are already favorable expectations from the client regarding this matter. They are going to ask this question because they want to know your feelings and sensibility on this matter. If they can sense that you’re a selfish web designer (selfish in the sense that only your concepts and ideas are going to be followed), there is a great tendency that they will turn you down. They won’t be impressed in one way or another. And you have to avoid this thing because it won’t in any way produce great results.


The 5 questions given above are just some of the few most common web designer interview questions to be thrown at you. You have to know more by researching Google and other sources. According to Ramotion, “Being a web designer is a challenging and puzzling job. Your knowledge would be insufficient but your eagerness will provide you the needed vigor and energy.” Pay attention to the questions to be given and answer them through your heart and mind. Last tip is you need to be calm during the schedule of the job interview and please don’t mess up!