Brand design for Cafe X robotics coffee machine in San Francisco

Bringing the first robot to automate your drinks into the service industry. That is what Cafe X has been doing since 2015.

Cafe X is the first company to establish the most rapid and advanced fully automated café system. It operates a barista via a robot that is capable of serving desired drinks. The company’s mission revolves around increasing productivity in the service industry through automation. Together with our brand design agency San Francisco team, we have started our joyful collaboration to refresh their brand identity.

We began by building moodboards and researching the target market to establish the appropriate feel, shape, mood, and emotions their brand has to express. Our team tried to connect and reflect the exact meaning of their previous brand identity while making minor adjustments. The capital letter "X” in the updated brand logo symbolizes how the technological automation process could easily connect with the service industry.

During a brand identity development for a digital product, one should always examine how the new visual language will be applied to all components and services. This includes the marketing website, the mobile application, the marketing content, and any other relatable format. Together with our partners at Cafe X, we created the branding guidelines for their marketing website. At the same time, we ensured that all design assets were consistent and properly aligned.

cafe x logo grid

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