Brand identity and user experience design for a deal finding app Skout Deals

A mobile and web platform called Skout Deals for finding free coupons for any nearby or local shop you may have in your town.

Skout Deals is a location-based mobile application that assists users in discovering nearby store deals. The company’s vision is to create a single mobile application that locates all nearby deals within a few taps, eliminating the need and time required to search through various sources to find any valid and nearby deals. Together with our brand identity agency, we were tasked with brand refreshment and enhancing the overall mobile app user experience.

Our team began with a thorough understanding of the product since we needed to ensure that our client and our team were on the same page while communicating effectively. As a result, we began compiling product qualities and moodboards ideal for achieving these objectives.

One of the core recommendations that our user experience design firm has suggested was to apply the chosen color palette to every digital and physical format. That way, the company can guarantee consistency among every product or service through the visual language they communicate with.

To enhance the experience of acquiring free coupons for the Skout Deals, our team created a flexible and easy UX/UI design layout. Almost every customer who utilized their mobile app was doing it during their purchasing process. Therefore, to simplify things, we implemented all critical functionality in the most effortless manner possible while increasing the tappable areas of different components.

The last and final challenge was to create a design layout for product screens. Compared to other tasks, this one may seem easy. However, there was one particular fact that our team was considering: the local stores provide different product data inconsistently. Therefore, our designers reviewed dozens of sample products to correctly produce a layout that supported all variations and looked balanced at the same time.

skoutdeals logo
skout deals logo grid
skout deals brand assets
skoutdeals app dashboard

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