Branding and UI/UX design for Nelio grocery delivery service

Nelio brings and delivers every single fresh and local product around you in Leon while still being a startup company.

Nelio is a Leon-based digital startup aimed to deliver fresh products from all local stores around you. Our brand design company was tasked with designing visual identity assets. That includes a logo sign, wordmark, brand patterns, identity illustrations, collateral, etc. Apart from delivering a neat package of all brand design assets, our UX design agency was challenged to build a solid UI/UX foundation design for an iOS mobile application.

Whenever a user meets a strong familiar company logo, he should feel joy and a sense of recognition. At the same time, if it is a new user, the logo must make a very impactful impression upon seeing it for the first time. An onboarding flow is one of the most crucial parts of a user's experience. The onboarding flow goal in the Nelio app was to collect information about user's food preferences and restrictions such as allergies, religion, etc. Therefore, to induce this flow and evoke a sense of trust, our team included three core hidden meanings in the Nelio logo sign: a rocket, a carrot, and a location pin. Overall, it was a long process of choosing the right shape that fits the client's expectations and met our design quality assurance requirements.

To enhance the purchasing experience for the Nelio iOS mobile application, our team had to create a flexible and easy UX/UI design layout. To be more precise, almost every customer who utilized their mobile app was doing it with one hand (as per the client research). Therefore, to make things easier on their end, we put all critical functionality at the bottom part of the screen and increased the tappable areas of components to avoid any accidental mistakes.

The last and final challenge was to create a design layout for product screens. Compared to other tasks, this one may seem easy. However, there was one particular fact that our team was considering: the local stores provide different product data inconsistently. That means a milk product may have from 5 to 25 various data fields, depending on the chosen local store. Therefore, our designers reviewed dozens of sample products to correctly produce a layout that supported all variations and look balanced at the same time.

nelio sketches
nelio icon shapes
nelio right option
nelio brandbook
nelio brand pattern
nelio app icon
nelio icons
nelio app screens
nelio mobile application

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