Branding for a hardware cloud backup solution company

A simple and effective hardware solution, Infinity Drive, is capable of storing an enormous amount of data via a cloud drive.

Infinity Drive is a hardware cloud backup solution for photographers and videographers who have multiple terabytes of data they need to back up. Everything that a user has to do is plug in a drive, drag stuff onto it, and that’s it, with no setups. The drive takes care of all the backing up process and cleans itself off to make room for more data. It is truly an “infinity drive” because it never runs out of space. When Infinity Drive was only looking for a top branding company, they found us and inquired about collaborating to produce a new brand.

At first, our team started with moodboards and the Infinity Drive analysis to find the product’s right feelings, shapes, moods, and emotions. Afterward, we generated a few brand logo shapes and eventually stopped on the infinity sign, which showed the product value: the infinite storage on a single drive. The grid of the brand logo follows the Golden Ratio rule, making the image dynamic.

As a result, we included all of our design and branding efforts into a brand book for Infinity Drive. The digital assets, graphics, and rules only add more visual language for the client’s product. We enjoyed our efficient collaboration with Infinity Drive and are very proud of the results we were able to produce.

infinity drive logo
infinity drive logo construction
infinity driver brand assets

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