Branding for social comparison company Trindy in San Francisco

A social comparison mobile application, Trindy, could provide any kind of answer from either public users or your close friends.

Trindy is an app that gives you the answers that you desire by comparing things among each other, either with your friends or any other public users. Whether you’re unsure what you want for dinner, what kind of the first date you want to make, or even which team you think will win in the next soccer game, you can create instant polls. Together with our San Francisco branding company specialists, we refreshed their brand identity.

Our team began with our favorite "design funnel,” where we defined visual positioning, mood boards and produced other preparation tasks. Once finished and everything looks correct from a brand positioning, our team will make sketches with different levels of fidelity for the primary logo. There is no doubt that a brand image is not a mandatory asset to be present during your company branding. However, the reality of digital products like mobile apps is that a logo sign should be present. The main asset of any brand application or software product requires an app icon.

In the end, we developed a brand book for our client that contains all of the design and branding artifacts our team created. The digital materials, visuals elements, and brand guidelines complement the product's visual language. Overall, we enjoyed our productive partnership with Trindy and are pretty happy with the achievements we have reached.

trindy adaptive web design
trindy logo construction

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