Designing a brand for Applause weight loss app in San Francisco

Super motivational and encouraging weight-loss application, Applause, strikes with its stunning and emotional visual assets.

Applause is the ideal mobile app for assisting in losing weight, which can be a lonely and frustrating process. The only way to do this process properly is to commit consistently in your own time and patience. Applause is comparable to one of the most potent weapons in your weight-loss arsenal.

The collaboration with our San Francisco brand agency experts began with the logo and the subsequent brand refreshment. We wanted to try different color palettes while creating a significant brand logo that would remain consistent for all given elements that Applause users have got to know. To do this, our team has gathered all essential components of this process: complete product information. Subsequently, we created moodboards to establish the appropriate tone and motivation of the brand tone of voice.

Another significant achievement was creating an appealing visual identity for the designated target audience. Since most users are men and women in their middle ages, a combination of warm colors and motivational elements should be present in the final logo layout. As a result, our team incorporated a shape in the form of an assisting hand that gladly supports every person who wishes to lose weight.

applause logo
applause logo grid
applause style guide

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