User interface design for a leading electronic payment company in Vietnam

The first leading fintech company in Vietnam, VNPay, leads the way with a fast and blazing electronic payment mobile app.

VNPAY is a modern electronic payment technology that builds a diverse service ecosystem in terms of products, utilities, and experiences. It is the most superior service to serve its customers and the leading fintech company in Vietnam. During the close collaboration, our user interface design company has developed and produced an excellent user interface for their mobile app.

Before our team went ahead and implemented any UX or product design illustrations, we began to analyze the primary target audience of VNPay. The majority of their users consisted of working adults from 23 to 37. Meaning that their consumers needed a fast, but at the same time, flexible and simple mobile app to make any transaction.

Our team proposed core and user-friendly user interface visual assets. We paid close attention to the numerous app details to assist every user’s action. Simultaneously, our team developed visually outstanding user interface guidelines integrated both in the mobile application and the web platform.

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