Branding, Website, and UI/UX design for SF Bay Area-based Datum

Datum is a decentralized data store where structured data can be safely stored and traded. Located in San Francisco, they aim for a transparent data marketplace, allowing anyone to control and monetize their data stored on the Datum network.

Datum is an Ethereum based decentralized blockchain database with an integrated marketplace that allows secure, private, and anonymous data storage. To facilitate such an exchange, the Datum token (DAT) serves as a medium. Their vision strives to democratize the usage and accessibility of structured data. They want to establish a transparent data marketplace where all members within the ecosystem can benefit from it.

We were excited to work along with Datum and happily assisted the team and met their design goals with our branding agency San Francisco studio. We began with building a brand identity. Our web design agency in San Francisco made a new and fresh look for Datum’s brand image while working on the website and the product design. One of the main goals was to maintain consistency and provide a cohesive user experience through visual language.

One of the core recommendations that our UI/UX design agency in San Francisco has suggested was to apply their primary font practically in every digital and physical format (documents, advertisements, brochures, etc.). In cases where there is no possibility to do so (since Axiforma doesn't support some languages), they could use the Open Sans or choose any sans-serif system fonts instead (like Arial).

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