Branding and Web design for a YC San Francisco startup Elph

Elph is a decentralized network of sidechains that provides very secure digital asset storage.

Elph was a decentralized portal that consisted of scalable Plasma sidechains and achieved high transaction throughput on top of Ethereum. It brought together a token-curated app store, decentralized identity, and secure digital asset storage to make using blockchain-based apps simple. Founded in 2018, and mainly located in San Francisco, California. Soon after the platform and our design assets were released, in 2019 Elph was acquired by Brex.

The main goal of our branding agency in SF was to maintain a straightforward visualization of certain content. Thus, we needed to do that while working on the illustrations. We decided to create elementary isometric objects with specific icons. The main point here is to showcase the core features and the meaning of their brand image. As you can see, some complex illustrations may seem a bit overwhelming and not consistent with the rest of the brand.

The same implication is also relevant for their main website. However, our web design agency in San Francisco tried to produce clear branded illustrations that served as supporting elements to the narrative across the website. All of that was included when we started working on their website. As well as the other digital assets we produced during the redesign of Elph’s brand identity.

elph typography
elph color scheme
elph mobile application

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