MithrilX Los Angeles-based mutual fund branding and web design

MithrilX is the very first crypto company, which is on its way to create a family of mutual funds dedicated to cryptocurrencies.

A crypto company based in Los Angeles, MithrilX is building the very first family of mutual funds dedicated to cryptocurrencies. Their product aggregates data from major digital asset exchanges to provide real-time insight. The company’s name is composed of a word and a suffix: “Mithril” and “X”. The first part is from the Tolkien tales, where Mithril is a mystical metal that is more valuable, beautiful, valuable, and rarer than any other metal out there. The suffix is a reference to cryptocurrencies in the FX market where all the cryptos have an X as a prefix.

The points of inspiration our team put into the brand design were crystal, metal, and molecular structures. Additionally, our Los Angeles web design company added value, not only with the design but also with the consistent marketing elements. That includes marketing websites, illustrations, style guides, etc.

During a cryptocurrency trend, back in 2019, a massive number of crypto-based product websites appeared, it was a difficult task to stand out among the competitors. And it was a challenging task for our designers to create something fresh yet trustworthy. While design illustrations tell a story about your company, they may make a website look too amateur. Thus, to produce the right balance between the previously mentioned components and not to overuse the connection between a blockchain and network connections, our Los Angeles branding agency developed the MithrilX marketing website. It does feel and look serious, as well it gives a strong sense of trustworthiness, which makes it a solid rival in its business industry.

mithril x logo sketches
mithril x colors
mithril x mobile website
mithril x logo construction

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