User experience and web app development for Octobird advertising platform

Delivering the ultimate experience for any mobile advertising campaign, Octobird strives to assist you with monetizing your mobile traffic.

Octobird defines itself as a marketplace for mobile advertising capable of getting any ad onto the leading mobile websites quickly while monetizing mobile traffic. The main task of our web app development company was to redesign the user experience, visual interface and refresh the Octobird brand with a completely new landing page.

As a user experience agency, before we implemented any UX or product design illustrations, our team began to understand Octobird’s target audience. The majority of their potential users are media owners and advertising investors. The latter ones can choose their budget, rates, coverages, and geography for banners. The media owners are capable of selecting and scheduling their advertisements.

Based on this information our team has received, we were able to produce graphically stunning product screens. Most of them resemble the elegant and modular look and feel of a new refreshed Octobird application.

octobird full design

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