UX design for a mobile video entertainment company in Los Angeles

Changing and shaping the next generation of mobile video experience by the hands of a creative app of an imDown startup.

imDown is a startup founded in Los Angeles with a very ambitious aim to revolutionize the current mobile video viewing experience and completely change it. As our partner has set out to build the first tool to make a mobile-friendly video, our UX design firm Los Angeles team has collaborated on developing a captivating user experience for their mobile solution.

Our primary focus was on designing an interface and providing an excellent experience to the users, ensuring that the app worked well on the iPad and iPhone. To enhance the experience for the imDown application, our team created a flexible and easy UX/UI design layout. We broke down every critical functionality at their relevant section on the top of the screen and increased the tappable areas of components.

Visual and graphical assets are an integral part of almost any digital solution. Not only does it serve as a consistent company asset distributed in every format, but it also builds a certain trust that impacts customers and sets the right tonality for interconnected branding assets. Therefore, our team achieved a static and dynamic feel for the imDown mobile product, which we applied to their app illustrations.

imdown app wireframes
im down app

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