UX design for WiFi cloud-based music player company in Palo Alto

An engaging and unique music player, MÜZO, explicitly created for flexible controlling over WiFi for your pleasure.

iMuzo is a Palo Alto-based startup whose primary focus was revolving around a cloud-based music player app. They initially began as a simple Kickstarter campaign but soon enough assembled into a serious company. Together with our UX design firm San Francisco team and MÜZO team, we collaborated to create an interactive and dynamic user experience for their iPhone application.

MÜZO Cobblestone streamlines various music to the chosen sound system. Thus, the app’s interface must be flexible and straightforward in control since a potential user must control music to any speaker over WiFi. That is the reason why our team has simplified the interface for their app. Here’s an example of a playback control in a music streaming app we worked on.

Overall, our team has put a lot of effort into the app’s illustrations, specifically to develop a solid understanding of their product and how MÜZO positions itself. The key and most important thing here is consistency between the app screens and their landing page. As it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also gives a sense of simplicity and control.

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