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Ramotion web app development agency for startups helps early-stage companies build their products faster with our staff augmentation approach for tech companies and brands.


Apple TV app UI development


Redesign of the support portal and 30% improvement in users’ ability to get the answers they want


Developing micro-interactions for the Lightning Design System


We act as an extension of product development departments within tech companies by providing remote staff augmentation. Our multidisciplinary development teams are in constant collaboration with the in-house departments and undergo many iterative improvements and full process transparency.


By extending our clients' teams, we provide a full development lifecycle, including startup UI/UX design for native mobile and web applications that helps innovative companies and established brands achieve their business goals.


  • Requirements gathering
  • POC and rapid prototyping
  • UI development
  • Business logic implementation
  • 3rd party integrations


  • API design & development
  • Database architecture
  • Microservices
  • Continuous integration
  • DevOps


We help tech companies take advantage of modern mobile and web technologies and cross-platform solutions to continue dominating their sectors and stand out on the market.

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Ramotion did very well. My company is very satisfied with their work and performance.
Jason Pareti
Jason Pareti
CTO at Photo Finale
Thanks to the new back-end system built by Ramotion, we can retrieve comprehensive information faster than before.
Jean Kersaint
Jean Kersaint
They have performed beyond our expectations.
Andre Marrett
Andre Marrett
Co-founder at BusinessWeather


  • How much does startup app development cost?

    Recent research shows that the average development of a simple app varies from $38,000 to $91,000. With that being said, various companies provide different app development startup costs according to their custom assessment.

    So the answer to the question above may be completely different depending on the company you are talking with. It is especially true if you have a wide variety of features that may differ from the very simple to the complex and sophisticated ones. However, there are specific approaches that you can use to obtain the correct estimation for your application software products project. The most dependable one is to contact the company directly and ask for a quote.

    Suppose you request an estimate for the average cost for a custom app development without any documentation, requirements, or goal in mind. In that case, the total number may completely shock you, and it will be just an approximate one. So if you do want to understand how you can save enough of your time and money in the adventure of finding the right app developers, then it certainly means that you need to understand several aspects of your project. Whether you desire to build iOS apps, hybrid apps, or even cross platform apps, you should know the following:

    - The overall design complexity of your application.
    - The number of screens it will have.
    - The major steps of the development process.
    - The number of functions and features you want and need to implement.
    - The complexity of those features.
    - The database complexity.
    - The number of 3-d party integrations.
    - Whether you require implementation of complex security protocols.
    - The size of the desired development team.

  • Which services does your startup app development company provide?

    As a quality web app development company, we provide a wide range of web app development services to startups seeking to build their own brand identity, cutting edge digital solutions, and strong post release support.

    We are constantly improving our skills in terms of web app development while catching the waves of popular trends. Our devs can produce elegant, engaging, and secure web applications with the relevant software development. Adaptability and scalability are the two criteria that we have in mind to ensure you will have a stable and practical web application by the end of our cooperation.

    With that being said, our team makes sure that your web app has all of the essential steps and phases during an app development process. Some of the primary services that our organization provides include the following:

    - Project Plan - Our team identifies project requirements and develops innovative software solutions for a future application based on our past projects experience. Following that, as your main service provider, we design a high-level project plan with expected time and budget estimations. If you already have the necessary documentation and backed technical expertise inside of it, we may simply start working according to your defined steps.
    - UX and UI design - With the setting of your business requirements and the demands of your users, our UX/UI experts will build an adjustable and dynamic application journey path. Our team will also ensure that all of the product interfaces for your application are strongly supporting your present brand identity. Meanwhile, all of the applied design assets contribute to a fluid digital experience across all devices, which will lead to increased and solid user engagement and acquisition.
    - App development - Each app developer has solid experience building various application architecture patterns. Simultaneously, our crew is extremely knowledgeable about all necessary and modern web app tools.
    - Optional Integrations - To assist you in automating and addressing many aspects of your startup application, we can integrate any necessary third-party solutions. At the same time, we will make sure that all of the new features will have no disruptions or interferences. Our team ensures that the deployment goes as smoothly as possible without interfering with your live online application.
    - Post-release support - To continue supporting your digital project after its release, our developers are capable of improving and enhancing your startup app constantly with the post-release software development services. This way, you can be confident that it will connect and align with your business requirements.

    As you can see, some of these software development services are almost essential when it comes to the development of digital applicaitons. The other entries on this small list are provided by the companies that have enough experience and expertise behind their backs.

  • What is your startup app development agency's process?

    The main development cycle or app development process of our company our uses may differ from the rest of the competition. However, the results that each technology partner has achieved showed a significant improvement in customer satisfaction metrics. Our development process is broken down into the following essential steps:

    Discovery - For any technology partner, the first stage is critical. Here, we'll analyze and collect all of your project's essential requirements: user personas, competitive analyses, pain points, business processes & objectives, and industry best practices.
    Project audit - At the second step, our team will conduct a comprehensive examination of the product strategy for your app idea while suggesting the proper development methodology.
    App structure - here, we define the design of your future online application as a critical component of the product's success: wireframes the product screens and the relevant product content based on your brand identity. The latter can be developed through an examination of the existing brand personality or through a more comprehensive brand personality analysis.
    Design process - app concept and layout design - Our design team will create and implement a visual positioning strategy for your application, as well as create the mood boards. Following that, we produce 2-3 designs for the essential app screens, with high-fidelity wireframes and an interactive prototype that demonstrates how the finished application will interact with people.
    Visual design - Your digital project design plays an almost immersive role in your organization. Together with our team, you will create the application's layout and a user journey map.
    App development - After completing the front-end development tasks, we will go into the significant part of your app project: the back-end development part. QA Testing - Once the majority of the latter work has been successfully completed, it is vital to build unit tests and other security measures for your new application.
    Visual content - Here, some of your app's additional design components, such as iconography and minor design assets, are integrated into the main layout.
    Various Integrations - As a final point, we integrate various third-party services in your digital project as per your request. That may include such extensions as Twillio, Thunderbird, and pretty much any other integrative software into your app.

    It is true that the structure of our startup app development process may slightly or significantly differ from the rest of the development companies. Nonetheless, we do stick to the following path as there is a good number of our projects, which have significantly demostrated positive results.

  • What are startup app developers needed to create web application?

    There is no doubt that for creating a solid web application, you do require highly skilled developers who can provide enough experience and expertise to bring your idea into reality. That’s why you have to understand certain factors or practices that many startup founders go for before choosing the entire team of web app developers.

    Conduct an online search - To find the truly best app developers for startups, you need to understand how to locate them. You can go ahead and use the regular Google search, references, or even social media channels. Make a note of the businesses that truly stand out among the rest. Additionally, the organization to which you intend to outsource your project should be noted. There is always a cost difference for the same project depending on the developer’s location.
    Look for a strong portfolio - Once you've compiled a list of startup web app developers, it's time to look at their portfolio. The portfolio is critical for establishing technical skills, project themes, and business domains. Inquire whether the company has worked on a project similar to yours in the past. Their previous work demonstrates their experience and skill set.
    Conduct a client survey - Another critical component is testimonials. You can request a client contact list in order to verify the project's scope and technology. Ascertain that the company has worked on the client's specified list of projects. Is the business objective in its dealings with its customers? A satisfied client is a positive sign that you should proceed to the following phase.
    Request app testing - If you're going to purchase a car, you're going to request a test drive. Utilize the same strategy here and request access to previous app development projects for testing purposes. You can also grant access to your authentic end-user and wait a few days for their feedback.
    Objectivity - Examine the product development cycle and transparency policy of the company. The feedback loop and timely response to mistakes and change requests are critical. Determine whether their applications are being developed using an agile methodology, which can aid faster development and more transparent communication.
    Affordability - Cost is another critical issue to consider. You should look for a business that meets your budget. If your project involves a variety of business functions and a degree of complexity, you should have a flexible budget. Time can have an effect on the budget; therefore, keep in mind the time constraint. Another significant issue that can affect the budget is the location. There are some locations throughout the world where you can outsource your project to organizations with technical knowledge, significant experience, and the ability to work within your budget.
    Post-launch Support - It's natural to choose a firm that is prepared to provide maintenance and support for a few days or months after a web application is successfully developed. There is a risk that you will encounter an issue that requires immediate resolution once the app development has been completed successfully. Additionally, you can enter into long-term maintenance and support agreements with the company.

    And that’s just a brief overview of the steps you should consider when looking for an app development agency in New York or any other firm that you prefer. The same steps can be applied if you are looking for a local app development company in San Francisco for an app development firm from Los Angeles.

  • How long does it take to create a simple application with a startup app development firm?

    Almost every mobile app has ushered in a new way of living. In 2017, 32% of US mobile users had between 11 and 20 apps installed on their smartphones (not including preinstalled apps). With so many apps accessible on popular online stores, development cycle time is vital for beating the competition to the market. As a result, one of the most commonly asked questions among application developers is. 'How long does it take to develop an app?'

    A normal response about the project timeline to approximately every startup out there would be between four and five months. However, there is no definitive or easy answer to this question because there are several factors that highly influence the app idea design process (which we have already covered in the questions above). One of the essential reasons which may be overlooked during the development of an app is to have a solid project management team. Of course, many founders already know that, but what many seem to miss is having a solid communication channel between you and your project managers to produce the right product strategy plan. Another thing is that it's vital to understand the development timeline. Since all great apps are built on original ideas, the app's speed to market is critical to achieving the global advantage in your market space.

  • What tools does your startup application development company use in its workflow?

    As a startup app development agency, we use various application development tools that are both suitable for iOS and Android devices, which are typically XCode and Kotlin. However, suppose a startup app development team of our client wants to use its preferred set of tools along with some additional technologies (like machine learning, for example). In that case, we gladly stick to them as the main technical stack.

  • What technologies does your company use for startup app development?

    Before we even begin to analyze and plan what kind of custom solutions or API integration will be 100% suitable for your business, we carefully examine and consider each of your business requirements as a startup app development company. Therefore this way, we can suggest to you the right services or cutting edge technologies that will suit your startup goals and needs while correctly adjusting the development path of your digital solutions.

    As a company that works closely with various startups, we do know what kind of technologies or app solutions we can recommend to your existing idea. However, at the same time, we value the opinion of our partners and always listen to their opinion. So if you already have planned out some of the core moments in your project, we will work closely with your team and stick with the technologies that you have chosen.

    Our startup app development team truly enjoys working with ReactJS, React Native, and Vanilla JS. We are big fans of functional programming; thus, some of our projects have been written in PureScript and Elm. However, we are open to TypeScript, Lodash, and other technologies if they must be necessary in the presented case. Most of our innovative solutions projects have been implemented with various trending and modern technologies, including artificial intelligence.

  • What kinds of small businesses and startups need web apps?

    Pretty much every startup intending to develop digital products that will be easily accessible to its target audience requires an application. It is especially true, as practically every second startups do have a mobile or a web application to fit the demands of their target audience and the growing business needs. The only left question is: What kind of buinsess industry require app development for startups inside the competitive market? Generally, there are 19 business industries that are globally known all over the world, and obviously, in each, there will surely be award winning apps that every single person does know.

    So let’s take a look what is what kind types of app development for startup industries are there:

    - Agriculture startups
    - IT-related startups
    - Education startups
    - Entertainment startups
    - FoodTech startups
    - Healthcare startups
    - Hospitality startups
    - Music startups
    - Media startups
    - Pharmaceutical startups
    - Telecommunication startups
    - Transport startups

    So as you can see, almost every startup from each business industry does qualify to have its own application. It can be said without a doubt, that the world that we know today is digitizing almost every single aspect in each present business industry out there. And as the technological progression is striving upwards, one can simply suppose that soon enough every business will have their own application or at the very least a digitization environment that surrounds them.

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