Web design agency in Los Angeles, CA

During the decade in the industry, our design agency worked a lot with companies from Los Angeles. We are excited to provide our website design and development for companies in LA.


Design for the world's first audio word processor


Branding and website for a data privacy company


Website for dynamic pricing and offer management solution for airlines

Mozilla Labs
Mozilla Labs
Mozilla Labs

Designing a website for innovative projects by Mozilla


Web design for a company that connects contracts post-signature to APIs


Website design for a technology company that provides software solutions


Our web designers usually work as an extension of our client’s teams. We use a project-based approach, and once the new website goes live, we provide ongoing website maintenance that includes dedicated designers and developers supporting the website.


Our web design process generates a consistent website or app that reflects the brand strategy, visual identity, and verbal identity of the brand. It also helps to establish a prominent position on the market.

User experience

  • Discovery
  • UI/UX audit
  • Information architecture
  • Copy and CTAs
  • Layout prototypes

Design & front-end

  • Visual design & interactions
  • Front-end development
  • CMS
  • Iconography & illustrations
  • 3rd party integrations
Technology stack
  • ReactJS
  • Gatsby
  • Webflow
  • Contentful
  • DatoCMS


We work with established brands and growing startups.

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descript logo
elph logo
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Ramotion was fast and efficient without sacrificing quality. Their team of designers and developers brought our vision to life and we are thankful for their expertise.
 Dan Brown
Dan Brown
Senior Marketing Manager at Mozilla
They’re very responsive and go above and beyond to meet our needs. We continue working with them, which is the best sign of our satisfaction.
Andrew Mason
Andrew Mason
CEO at Descript, founder of Groupon
We built a wait list of over 100,000 email addresses when we were launching our product, and they had a hand in helping us to pull web designs together and build the product after that point. Now, we have thousands of happy customers and testimonials from them.
Andrew Cramer
Andrew Cramer
Head of Cards at Final (Acquired by Goldman Sachs)
They hit all of our goals and delivered on the schedule they originally proposed. They accommodated the changes in our initial requirements as we needed them and quickly adapted.
Ritik Malhotra
Ritik Malhotra
Co-founder at Elph (Acquired by Brex)


  • What is the best way to design websites for Los Angeles companies?

    In 2019, it was estimated that the technology industry’s contribution to the Los Angeles economy was at $91.4 billion. Thus we can conclude that the technological industry is actively growing and advancing to a new horizon of disruptive inventions, by occupying their target audience. Meaning that if they were to challenge the big corporate company giants, each would need a very groundbreaking and solid brand identity and marketing website. For that reason, our company is right here to execute your project idea with excellence in practice.

  • How does your Los Angeles web design agency look like?

    Our team follows an 8-step process for any given project.

    1. Discovery
      Initially, we conduct a series of interviews and questionnaires to collect the necessary information and to understand your business goals, unique values, and your business in general.

    2. Audit Process
      This step involves analysis and audition of your company equity, areas of opportunity, and other essential topics where your product can make an advantage.

    3. Website structure
      An information architecture is the underlying foundation of what will define and demonstrate the value of your company.

    4. Design concept and layout design
      Next, we produce your first product visual concepts in a form of concept pages, wireframes, and a dynamic prototype of your future website.

    5. Visual design
      Once the previous stage is finished, we continue our work with the development of a design appearance of your website.

    6. Structure and HTML/CSS development
      This stage is concentrated on the construction and implementation of all pages, components, and content in the chosen CMS platform.

    7. Visual content
      Any website development process has to be supported with the visual image of your product or services. Here we produce various iconography, illustrations, photographic images that could demonstrate your value.

    8. Integrations
      At last we install and integrate 3rd party software, either by your recommendations or by our development team that may seem necessary to do so. (Google Tag, a/b testing tools, CRM).

  • Where does your Los Angeles web design company operate beyond LA Area?

    In addition to having a small boutique studio on 1514 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90291, United States, Ramotion operates with companies around the world. But we're especially proud of how much good work we do as a web design agency in San Francisco and New York.

  • What other services can your web design company in Los Angeles offer?

    When you need a website, that's just the beginning. Along with web design services we also offer branding agency and UI/UX design company services to provide more of what your clients needs.

  • Does your Los Angeles web design firm work with startups?

    There is no doubt that we do love startup collaborations in Los Angeles. Those founders who are reaching or have already reached a Round A investment are mostly connecting with our company. During our collaboration, we build a trustworthy website that can easily take over potential customers for your product. So, your project and your reputation are in good and professional hands.

  • How much does it cost to design a website with your web design agency in LA?

    For the companies and startups who are based in Los Angeles, California, our hourly rate begins from $100/hr (for our web designer) and rises, depending on the project requirements. The total price of the project is directly connected to the amount of work our team needs to invest. And it also does vary on several different factors, such as the scope of work, team structure, and a rate card.

  • What kind of tools do your web designers in Los Angeles typically use?

    The question is simple to answer, but rather elegant in its implementation. For web designing, we typically utilize Figma, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects.

    During any web development works involved, our team sticks to whatever front-end stack our client has proposed to us. What we’re best at is ReactJS and Vanilla JS. Also, we do love working in functional programming, so some of our projects were developed in PureScript and Elm.

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