Web design and branding for a blockchain New York company

The company has a unique cryptocurrency trading platform with a personalized experience built on blockchain. Its secure profile allows customers to own their complete purchase data.

This cryptocurrency company provides a universal online and offline platform built on blockchain. For retailers, their technology platform has more personalized experiences across digital properties. For users, it puts people in control of their purchase data and preferences.

The very first business challenge our NYC branding agency met with our partners was to raise money during their early company stage. To make it happen, we needed to make people believe in the product idea. To achieve that, one has to build a trustworthy company image, where every social activity and every action looks and sounds consistent with a founder's charisma. What's helpful and can't be achieved with the charm alone is visual brand identity applied to all marketing and physical assets. That was our task.

Fortunately, the company name starts with the capital letter S. The shape of the letter visually bends twice from top to bottom. Thus, we wanted to use a 'mirror effect' to encrypt two product meanings: a user and a retailer. Plus, we wanted to make it look ‘in motion’ even when it seemed static.

Once our New York web design company finished the visual identity design and style guide, we assisted with the ICO page design, coin design, onboarding UI & UX, and illustrations. As of right now, their team continues building the product in-house, which raised even more than they planned.

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