Refreshing Iterable web design in San Francisco, CA

Iterable is a cross-channel marketing platform that powers unified customer experiences and empowers users to manage every interaction during a customer journey.

Iterable is a product that empowers growth marketers to create world-class user engagement campaigns throughout the entire cycle and across all channels. In other words, Iterable makes the growth and user engagement tools used by giant company leaders like Facebook available to all B2C marketers. The company was built in San Francisco by the engineers who designed the systems that powered Twitter’s massive initial growth.

We noticed that the visual look and feel of the old Iterable website were outdated and needed some brand refreshment. However, lots of users were already familiar with their brand. Thus, our goal was to keep it close to the original brand while making an evolutionary refresh.

First, we did a couple of experiments with the logo by changing the angle of certain elements, corner roundness, and other small details. Next, our branding team prepared a new color palette to help interface designers maintain consistency across all brand items, including the website. Furthermore, we discussed which of the current design trends could work well for UI elements and added two gradients to the brand guide. Plus, to help our illustrators in future work, we created 25 different color tones, including soft and vibrant options.

When our web design San Francisco team started working on the website interface, we decided to figure out how the header should look. After joint discussions between our and Iterable's teams (who had a great experience in making websites), we decided to humanize the brand and create a friendly illustration for all user groups. As soon as we got to this point, we had an idea to incorporate a fox as the service mascot. Fast, clever, and sometimes cunning (in a good way, obviously). A fox was a good fit. We designed male and female fox mascots for different cases and illustrations.

As a result, the Iterable website got a 65% increase in traffic since the redesign.

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