Branding and web design for a Los Angeles company IronChain

IronChain is a modern cryptocurrency trading platform located in Los Angeles. It employs the most effective security technologies available.

IronChain Capital is a company that runs a secure and cutting-edge cryptocurrency trading platform, providing an institutional-grade experience for both professional and novice customers. The company foundation started in 2016 in Los Angeles, California. It is a mutual fund company dedicated to high net worth individuals, family offices, and institutions. To drive innovation in the blockchain industry, IronChain is supporting both new and established blockchains. All of the new digital tokens, however, must undergo a strict review process.

Our task was to design the brand identity, website and develop it during the collaboration between our branding agency in Los Angeles and our friends at IronChain. The original meaning behind the IronChain is deriving from the two composite words in it. The ‘Iron represents ‘secure’ connectivity between the brand and the audience. The ‘Chain' demonstrates a ‘link’ between investors and the cryptocurrency world (blockchain).

With that in mind, our main direction was connectivity. By default, we started with competitive research, merging the client's vision and ours, drawing lots of shapes while constantly iterating. By executing these steps, we reflected the core company value in the best possible way.

Once we finished with the branding process, our web design company in Los Angeles rapidly started to apply design assets on the website. Our primary goals were brand awareness for the new users, IronChain’s unique value proposition, and conversion. To achieve that, we took an opportunity to design a clean and easy web app layout with a light background and several scrollable sections. By the end of this step, we created a website with animated illustrations and typography consistent with the brand.

IronChain Lettermark
IronChain Sketches
Ironchain Logos
IronChain Logo Construction
Ironchain Logo Grid
IronChain Fonts
Ironchain Brand Colors
IronChain App Icons
Ironchain illustrations

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