Best Places To Work In San Francisco

Looking for the best places to work in San Francisco, but don’t really know where you should start? Take a look at our definitive guide and consider a few options we have carefully presented.

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Last updated: Feb 15, 2024

Indeed California is by far one of the ideal places where you can freely find one thing that you’ve been looking for your whole life. It is especially true to finding the best places to work in San Francisco. So, where exactly do you begin? What kind of companies to work for in San Francisco should you look for? For that reason, our web design company in San Francisco decided to assist you and other job seekers in finding the right spot in the right SF company.


Twitter is one of the best companies to work for San Francisco. They are a company that manages a large social network for instant messaging services. The company is also a member of a broader Design, Research, and Content Strategy team composed of dedicated and enjoyable individuals who are passionate about Twitter's capacity.

They help people look beyond themselves and connect meaningfully with the larger world.Twitter's main priority is the health of their employees so they are constantly looking for ambitious people. Anyone can take a proactive approach to establish healthy remote teams and collaborative workplaces.

They can definitely push you and encourage you to do the best work of your career. Any employee has the chance to make a real global effect by contributing to a product with hundreds of millions of users. There you can work with the industry's most excellent engineers to push your limits. Mentor engineers in the team to assist them in their development.

Morrison & Foerster

Morrison & Foerster is a renowned global law company. Their name is linked with an unwavering dedication to client service that permeates all they do. The company is a worldwide leader in offering cutting-edge legal advice on issues that are altering practices and industries. The company provides innovative, business-savvy solutions for complicated and ordinary legal issues. Leading technological and life science businesses.

Their company drives to excellence, as well as the commitment to giving back to the communities in which their work binds all of the employees together. They have long been proponents of supporting diversity within the legal profession. Morrison & Foerster continue to prosper and grow as a result of their cultural values. They employ 1,000 lawyers who serve clients through a global network of 16 locations in the United States, Asia, and Europe's leading technological, business, and financial areas.


Postmates is revolutionizing urban logistics that enables everyone to get anything delivered on-demand. Their ground-breaking Urban Logistics network connects clients to local couriers who can quickly deliver items from any store or restaurant. It is by far the best place to work San Francisco, there are a couple of reasons for that.

Postmates allowed various people to blossom as engineers, collaborators, and critical thinkers. Theri business is full of intriguing challenges to solve, and lots of people say that it’s sometimes fortunate to get to work with such beautiful people.


Matillion transforms the world's data into meaningful information with an intuitive, cloud-native data integration platform It is one of the top companies to work for in San Francisco. Matillion enables global company customers to realize rapid returns on their cloud investments by leveraging data as their most strategic asset. Only Matillion is optimized for current enterprise data teams and is built on native cloud data integrations.

Their company culture is fantastic - everyone is polite and happy to assist and is pretty receptive to new suggestions for process improvement. Management is open and personable and excels at ensuring that everyone's goals are aligned.


If you are looking where to work in San Francisco, then this company is just for you. Salesforce is a global company whose goal is to establish an organization of educated, ambitious Account Executives committed to their vision and focused on success while maintaining a courteous, healthy work environment and lifestyle. The company values integrity and dependability just as much as they value skill and effort.

They work and play hard and think that each person has the potential to make a difference. The company invests in each employee's ongoing personal and professional growth. That is a fast-paced, high-growth company, and they're searching for a bright, focused, high-energy individual who is hungry to make a significant difference and enjoys working with like-minded individuals. The company seeks individuals who can demonstrate that they make extraordinary things happen wherever they go.

As one of the most innovative organizations globally, they are also required to innovate individually in every sector in which they operate. Finally, the company is an Ohana (family) culture organization that seeks to hire exceptional individuals that collaborate well with others and enjoy celebrating success!

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Airbnb is the world's largest travel community and platform, connecting people through authentic travel. Airbnb's housing marketplace connects travelers to millions of available accommodations, ranging from villas to castles, treehouses to bed and breakfasts. At the same time, it is one of the best places to work in the Bay Area.

A world-class customer service team and the innovative technology that supports them form the foundation of this. They believe that exactly their services will serve as a significant difference and contribute significantly to Airbnb's global success and growth. Airbnb is a purpose-driven corporation committed to assisting in creating a world in which people may belong everywhere. To accomplish this goal, the company needs a cohesive team committed to their principles.

The Legal Department at Airbnb exemplifies the company's progressive, forward-thinking spirit. Airbnb is pioneering the sharing economy on a global scale. Where others perceive impediments, they seek opportunities to develop innovative, practical, and cutting-edge solutions that further Airbnb's worldwide goal.

Course Hero

Course Hero's purpose is to assist students in graduating with confidence and preparedness. They are an online learning platform that provides study tools for certain courses. Their course structure enables students to subscribe to our platform or submit their materials with a resource library presently containing over 40 million course items.

Course Hero is the most collaborative organization for which people have ever worked, or at least around 60-70% of past employees say so. They enjoy the variety of tough projects and everyone has a growth attitude and is constantly learning new AB approaches to increase the rigor of their platform analytics.

Dodge & Cox

Dodge & Cox, headquartered in San Francisco, provides professional investment management services to individuals, retirement funds, and tax-exempt organizations via mutual funds and separate accounts. It is one of the best places to work in San Francisco.

Dodge & Cox is committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse work environment. Our initiatives for Diversity and Inclusion include recruiting and outreach, employee involvement and education, as well as client and community engagement. We are adamant that our diverse and inclusive culture is critical to accomplishing our purpose. We think that by combining multiple perspectives and fostering an open forum for research and debate, we can make more informed judgments about our investment strategies, clients, and organization as a whole.

The firm adopted an Equal Employment Opportunity Policy more than two decades ago to document its commitment to nondiscriminatory hiring.

Foss & Co

Foss & Company is a tax credit specialist committed to providing corporate clients with the broadest selection of federal and state tax credit investments. So if you are looking for the top companies to work for San Francisco, this one is just for you.

The team of Foss & Co represents an extraordinarily diversified demography. Foss & Co's average annual salary is $51,766 a year, which is competitive for its industry and region. Stonehenge Capital Co, American Bancorp, and Texas Best Loans are some of its highest-paid competitors, paying $58,417, $56,046, and $53,507, respectively.

I.AM+ is a company that creates and manufactures wearable goods. It is a business established in Hollywood to create technology hits that have a ripple effect across pop culture. Its primary goal is to build a community of creators and coders. They believe that by starting with music and technology, people can usher in a powerful new era powered by artificial intelligence., innovator and global music artist, established this company in the early 2000-s. While being an interesting company that has a lot going on, it is one of the best companies to work for in the Bay Area.

I.AM's team is unusually diversified in terms of demographics. Around 52 % of employees are female, and 42% are ethnic minorities. I.AM+ personnel are slightly more likely to be Democrats than Republicans. Despite their political differences, I.AM+ staff appears to be very friendly. The organization has a high employee retention rate, with employees staying on average for 5.0 years.

Blue Shield of California

Blue Shield of California is a non-commercial company that specializes in medical insurance and it is one of the best companies to work for in San Francisco Bay Area. And since they are devoted to being a good corporate citizen, the company pursues a mission ethically and fairly as part of their commitment to being a good business citizen. That involves doing the right thing, acting with integrity, serving as an example of our principles, treating employees fairly, protecting natural resources, and building links with local communities.

Individuals who prefer to take the initiative, who are curious and appreciate exploring new ideas, and who want to be a part of a positive team are the types they are looking for. HCS serves the entire population and provides comprehensive care management solutions to span the complete spectrum of care from healthy members to those living with chronic diseases.

Join them and create a difference in the healthcare industry if you have the curiosity, drive, and enthusiasm to be a part of the future of healthcare. To be considered an organization you must demonstrate a commitment to servicing the needs of rural, urban, diverse, and underserved people.


Clumio enables enterprises to simplify AWS data protection. If you are an engineer or you are looking for a company with a lot of activities, then this work in San Francisco might interest you. Its secure air-gapped SaaS solution protects enterprises against ransomware and allows them to meet demanding compliance requirements, quickly backup and recover data, and have improved visibility into cloud storage costs. Clumio revolutionizes the user experience through its groundbreaking technologies.

Throughout the years they host a variety of social activities. They have an Annual Family Summer Picnic and a Holiday Party, which are their two big events. Prior to the pandemic, they also had a Friday party at the Santa Clara headquarters. So there are a lot of corporate and company events planned in this company to wrap up the year - a walk, a happy hour, and a couple of themed lunches!

Uber Technologies

Uber revolutionized the way we travel the world. From how people commute to work, to how you get your food delivered. The company is charting the course for the future of mobility. However, it did not arrive on its own. It received assistance from a group of optimists and doers who are inspired to take on difficult problems. They learn from their experiences at Uber. It was and it is still one of the best startups to work for in San Francisco.

Similar to how the organization came together to develop its ideals, their team collaborates on various tasks. They are able to shape the world in whatever way they like. Whether it's via assisting local businesses or making roads safer, they're constantly giving back to their communities.

Lots of their employees believe that Uber is a place where individuals learn from and celebrate one another's diversity, which instills a strong sense of unity. In such a unique work atmosphere, everyone is given the opportunity to not only grow personally but also to participate actively in the decision-making process that drives continual development and innovation.

Employees say they look forward to coming in each morning since each day at Uber, as it provides something new and intriguing. The dynamic staff is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to learn and grow during their career with Uber. Each day brings new problems, which makes the work immensely rewarding when the team comes up with amazing answers.


Perhaps you're familiar with the term "Square." Square enables companies of all sizes to accept credit and debit cards. It is one of the San Francisco best places to work. Square pioneered the little white card reader that emerges from electrical devices. The corporation's efforts have not ended there; it is now time to support such firms in creating, running, and growing through economic empowerment. This sense of empowerment is one of the reasons that job seekers go to Square.

Square offers several chances for professional and personal development to its employees. You'll find wonderful benefits that benwill help you even when you're not working, and you'll have access to development opportunities that will help you grow your talents while working. You can start, manage, and progress your career from a single location.

Square's management staff is particularly supportive of employees who are eager to acquire new skills. Through professional development, mentorship, and community building, the team ensures that you are challenged, supported, and uplifted.

In terms of community engagement, the corporation ensures that workers have access to a number of local volunteer and service opportunities throughout the year. Additionally, through programs such as the Self Made event series, the team encourages the growth of small enterprises.

Clearly, the term "community" is commonly used around the Square office. This may account for the company's commitment to fostering an inclusive culture. Square takes its goal of fostering an inclusive economy a step further by embedding these values into its corporate culture, assuring equitable opportunity for all.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of opportunities and great culture-based companies in San Francisco. Thus, if you are constantly looking for the best San Francisco companies to work for or you are filling your individual list of San Francisco companies hiring, then this small but concise guide will greatly help you