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Best San Francisco Apps When You Visit This City

Discover these ten best San Francisco apps for your mobile phone when you visit this city for the first time in your life! They will ease things up on your end.

Written by RamotionOct 21, 20218 min read

Last updated: Feb 2, 2024

Modern technologies are practically everywhere you: be it a simple restaurant or an exhibition at a museum. Thus, you should always take advantage of it, especially if you are relocating to a new place. As a new resident of the Bay Area, you can use various San Francisco apps to become familiar with your current site. Within a few clicks in the relevant digital store, you may download multiple dating apps, parking apps, delivery apps, or even scooter apps to learn about San Francisco. Utilizing most of the relevant applications in San Francisco will allow you to manage your everyday routine much faster. So without further ado, our San Francisco apps interface design agency presents you with the top 12 best San Francisco apps you should download when relocating.


Eventbrite is a fantastic app that levels up your ideas for establishing new relationships or may even serve as one of the dating apps in SF. There are several events and meet-ups taking place throughout the city in a variety of areas. They typically include beverages, snacks while providing an excellent opportunity for networking or a free lunch. Eventbrite is an app appropriate for a new resident, but it may also be beneficial for expanding knowledge and networking.

Mr. Chilly

As a new San Francisco resident, you may be unaware of the city's microclimates. Temperatures can vary drastically between the neighborhoods. While fog may be present near your apartment, it may be sunny on the other side of the city where your place of business resides. You will no longer have to guess whether you need an umbrella or summer clothes with the Mr. Chilly app. The app allows you to monitor temperatures by neighborhood and view projections for the future. With Mr. Chilly, you can be confident when selecting the most appropriate attire to ensure your comfort throughout the day.


Moovit is the best Bay Area transit app, and it is also the ideal San Francisco public transportation app for navigating the public transportation system. It may also serve as a San Francisco guide if you are entirely new to the city. The app provides access to railway, metro, bus, light rail, and ferry timetables. Additionally, the app displays locations where electric scooters and bicycles can be rented. Moovit makes getting about the city convenient and straightforward. It is a San Francisco bus app that you genuinely need.

Furthermore, the Moovit app features maps and real-time arrival times. As a result, you can enjoy your holiday without worrying about being late. You'll receive notifications when your metro or bus service is disrupted. When numerous modes of transport are required for your travel, the app will advise you on the most efficient route. So not only is it a simple San Francisco public transit app, but it is also a tour guide app iPhone that you can also use. Your journey may include metro, bus, and walking segments. In these instances, Moovit has you covered with step-by-step directions. So no wonder why this app is considered the best SF transit app.


Tired of driving around in search of a parking place in San Francisco? For that purpose, we strongly advise you to get a ParkNow, which is an SF app that enables the location of available parking spaces around the entire map of San Francisco. But that’s not all of it, since you can reserve them in advance. And when you pull into that pre-arranged parking space, keep in mind that you've just saved money on gas!


You've located a parking place but don't feel like running back and forth to feed the meter. Thus, here is the application for you. PayByPhone is one of the best traffic app in the Bay Area; you just need to enter your credit card, and you'll be able to pay your parking meter directly from your phone. No more alarms on your phone! When your time is over, the app will tell you so, and you can refill the meter or move your car. However, certain San Francisco parking meters enable you to use PayByPhone only once every 24 hours. So we highly suggest you pay for the first two hours with coins and use this app for the second two hours.

Off the Grid

Undoubtedly, if you are not a new resident or you have already been in San Francisco for quite a while, we know that you might have a favorite local food truck and know where they appear. However, when venturing outside of your neighborhood, it's challenging to do so. Off the Grid is the San Francisco app that tracks the whereabouts of all food trucks in San Francisco and displays their current location. If you're still unsure whether the food truck is worth your time, there is a sample menu, links to the food truck's website, and Yelp reviews to help you select your gastronomic experience.


While Detour can be considered one of the San Francisco apps for iPhone that serves as an audio tour, it offers much more. Following geo-locations to some of the city's most popular and less-popular locales, Detour features expert narration as you delve into San Francisco's rich history. You'll receive an excellent soundtrack for your journey and other information such as vintage photographs or recordings that contextualize your visit. You can also use Detour as a San Francisco driving tour app on a bus with other tourists.

Among other city tour apps, this one stands aside from everyone. Since there are numerous excursions to pick from, even the Fisherman's Wharf trip will take you to locations that even locals are unaware of. So as you can see, Detour is not just a raw audio tour app; it is also one of the best walking tour apps for San Francisco! While the tour guide app for iPhone is quite pricey, what makes it particularly appealing is that you can travel with your friends. one of you can purchase it, and up to four others can be connected to the tour without everyone paying. So be sure to download the Detour app today, as it is one of the best walking tour apps in San Francisco.

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Golden Gate Park

The Golden Gate Park App is an excellent San Francisco walking tour app that lets you experience the United States’ most visited park. With over 1,000 acres, the park is nearly challenging to explore without the app. There is just too much work to be done, and it is dispersed. The software features a 3D interactive park map, GPS location tracking, automatically refreshes the 'Points of Interest' when you're near a specific location, and also assists in locating restrooms, playgrounds, and places to eat in the park.

Do Stuff

Curious about the recent events that are happening in San Francisco for an entire week? Are you bored with your everyday routine? With Do Stuff, there are so many exciting events that sometimes it is even challenging to keep up with the flow. You’ll never be bored as it is one of the SF apps brimming and screaming with various activities happening all around San Francisco.

Do Stuff is your one-stop shop for all the most exciting activities in and around the Bay Area. Discover what's going in the arts, music, food, and sports. Additionally, you can participate in prize giveaways if you're planning long-term vacations across North America. Whether you’re on a road trip or relocating, Do Stuff is the San Francisco planner. The app is not limited to San Francisco only; it also features events in numerous other cities in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. After you download it, you may not worry about what you should do the next week, as it will be filled with many San Francisco ideas.


Routesy app is one of the best San Francisco transit apps out there, as lots of people genuinely appreciate the information or, rather, the schedule of your next bus. As there is an enormous amount of traffic and bus routes, Routesy is undoubtedly one of the San Francisco transportation apps you should have on your mobile phone. You might always rely on it as it determines which particular bus you should take. However, once you become more familiar with the city, you may need to use it less and less since you already know all of your daily routine schedules. Although it will still be helpful if you feel disoriented, it is a must-have San Francisco public transport app.

Transit & Trails

Transit & Trails is a transit app San Francisco that has a lot more than just a simple navigator across your local region. San Francisco is a huge metropolis. It is a city that has many parks and actively fosters the growth and usage of the many green spaces. While you're here, why not take advantage of the natural beauty of the area with a stroll in some parks or a hike at Land's End? As a San Francisco transit app, it can find the most significant locations to go, including many great sites you may have never heard of. It is not the only tourist app San Francisco; however, it is one of the most excellent walking tours apps you can encounter.


If you are a passionate baseball fan constantly watching over your favorite team, then MLP mobile app is just for you. It provides access to multiple live streams of every baseball game that occurs around the United States. So if you were supposedly looking for a Giants apps and couldn’t find it, well, you can easily find them here and enjoy their games to the fullest!

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