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Best Youtube Channels for Web Development in 2023

Whether you are entirely new to web development or an amateur who wants to perfect your skills, discover the best Youtube channels for web development.

Written by RamotionMay 30, 202211 min read

Last updated: Feb 1, 2024

YouTube is a relatively affordable approach for developers to get new skills. It does have a rich pool of different learning resources. Whether you want to polish your web programming or get proficient in web design, you can easily find many experienced developers and designers willing to share their skills. Any full stack developer and web designer can compete with well-known coding courses.

However, just think about it for a second: pretty much anyone can upload any video on YouTube (educational ones included). Therefore, you should carefully select the right content as you may encounter information that can be either outdated or even false. To assist you in navigating the proper lessons for web development on YouTube, our web app development experts selected top YouTube channels for web development and web design.

YouTube channels for improving your web development skills

1. Web Dev Simplified

The title of this particular YouTube channel says it all: it simplifies practical lessons on various web development topics. Whether you are new to web development or a growing amateur, just watch a few videos from “Web Dev Simplified” to study the most popular web app technologies and become a professional developer.

2. DesignCourse

DesignCourse channel is being led by a full-stack web developer - Gary Simon. The fascinating fact about his YouTube channel is that he has over 20 years of experience in web development. Still, instead of focusing on the programming languages or frameworks, he sets his focus on the UX/UI of a future web app. Therefore, this channel is the right choice for you if you require an in-depth video tutorial for tools like Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop, and some front-end frameworks.

3. The Net Ninja

The Net Ninja is an excellent channel for improving your web development skills. The channel offers more than 1000 programming tutorials, including modern JavaScript, Node.js, React, Vue.js, Firebase, MongoDB, and many other popular tech stacks. The web development tutorials are updated every single day.

The one who operates “The Net Ninja” channel is Shaun Pelling. He often features great tutorials on basic, intermediate, and advanced programming skills. The subscribers can usually look at multiple playlists on dozens of different courses: a Node.js course or a Flutter Animation training. So one could even go as far as to say that “The Net Ninja” has covered almost every topic for web and software programming that you have ever searched in your browser.

In contrast to other channels, The Net Ninja does not upload videos about the IT sector, his personal life, partnerships, or live streams. The channel is kept very straightforward. It provides brief and concise videos under 15 minutes for those who prefer rapid explanations.

The Net Ninja Youtube Channel

4. LevelUpTuts

LevelUpTuts is a great YouTube channel that aims to improve the documentation for all kinds of programming languages. At the same time, it has what it takes to provide extensive training and rich practices for all types of web development projects. It offers the most comprehensive and user-friendly videos on web development. The YouTube channel creator covers many different topics, such as Meteor, WordPress, JavaScript, and even apps like Sketch. Scott Tolinski uploads a new video twice per week and provides a genuine experience for every lesson he records.

5. Adam Khoury

For the past ten years, Adam Khoury has been producing YouTube videos on the subject of web app development. Some people who have subscribed to him state that his channel is considered the best youtube channel to learn HTML and CSS. In the past, the YouTuber covered many foundational topics about the web app programming languages (including JavaScript, SQL, PHP, CSS, HTML, etc.). However, now he is focused on a more detailed and in-depth view of specific frameworks and modern web app technologies.

His most popular videos constantly getting more and more views are: “How to Detect User Browser JavaScript Programming Tutorial” and “File Upload Drag and Drop Tutorial”. So if you have a solid desire to code and design, prepare to do so!

6. Traversy Media

Traversy Media YouTube channel delivers web-based tutorials with almost immediate updates for every video it uploads. Currently, it has over 1.5 million followers, and its tutorials span numerous programming languages. That includes React.js, Angular, Node, Ruby, and Python.

Traversy Media Youtube Channel

7. CodingTech

CodingTech is a particularly unique YouTube channel, as it does not focus on the foundational topics of web app development. Instead, it covers a lot of tech conferences, such as “ReactiveConf“, “You Gotta Love Frontend,” and “Node Summit,” among others. In addition, this channel covers lots of technical issues along with AI, data science, blockchain, and hacking.

8. codeSTACKr

Another Youtube channel that uses its programming expertise and manages the YouTube channel - codeSTACKr. The channel itself is rapidly expanding, and now it has over 250 thousand subscribers. The videos have been primarily focused on web development and coding languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and PHP.

9. DevTips

DevTips is an insightful YouTube channel devoted to website design and web development. Those who want to gain enough knowledge on both professional paths should follow this channel among exciting subjects that the content creator loves to cover: CSS, HTML5, Sass, jQuery, and Ruby on Rails. Some people even claim that it is the best youtube channel to learn bootstrap. So go ahead - discover all of the web development essentials and practice programming while constantly practicing.

10. Dani Krossing

Dani Krossing is one of the best youtube channels that provides a solid platform for all beginners and amateurs to learn web development. The YouTuber has broken down all complex concepts in various web development programming languages for almost eight years, starting from PHP and ending with Java. Most of his videos are set with very straightforward yet unique designs and explanations of all essential web development skills. Even though his channel has added other topics, Dani still covers web development programming languages while constantly updating his old videos to provide updated insights.

11. Jesse Showalter

Jesse Showalter is another popular YouTube channel that makes video content for web app design and development. It mainly focuses on various tools, approaches, and web projects. HTML, CSS, Sass, UX/UI, Javascript, design concepts, and many more topics are covered in his videos. If you are interested in becoming a web designer, or even a front-end developer, be sure to watch Jesse's videos.

12. Derek Banas

Derek Banas is one of the old-school YouTube channels for web app development. However, it is still growing, and right now, it has over a million subscribers. The channel mainly provides tutorials on various web development languages suitable for fresh graduates and experienced web developers. This web development channel on YouTube has more than a thousand videos with individual playlists for each web development topic. In addition, the videos are getting consistent updates every two weeks.

13. LearnCode.academy

The LearnCode.academy is one of the web development youtube channels that provide 24 video playlists with extensive explanations for beginners. It may sound crazy that you might have to watch the entire playlist to master a particular programming language, but it’s not exactly it. There are other video lessons focused mainly on the practical part of your education process. So even if you have watched all of the foundation videos, it’s time for you to pick up the practical ones!

The channel is mainly concerned with CSS tricks, JavaScript, Responsive Design, Node.js, Angular.js, React.js, Server Administration, and Deployment Strategies. Other videos about website designs and job counseling are kept separately in relevant playlists.

14. WebDevMentors

Created in 2014, the WebDevMentors YouTube channel aims to spread crucial information about the latest global technologies. The channel mainly focuses on several programming languages and tech stacks (mostly HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, and Python). Even though this channel is slightly outdated in upload frequency, it still has essential lessons for web developers.

Whether you are a novice interested in learning Python or an experienced developer eager to learn a new JS framework, WebDevMentors will have many videos. There is no doubt that their YouTube channel contains some of the top web development training.

15. The New Boston

Theoretically, The New Boston YouTube channel is one of the first channels that started uploading web development tutorials. From this channel, many developers took inspiration and began working on their original web development content. The person who created this wave of trends is Bucky Roberts. In early February 2008, he began working on his channel, way before Marques Brownlee's popular tech channel.

At that time, web app development knowledge was available only through books, and it was hard to comprehend without any practical basis. Bucky's videos became so popular that they encouraged an entire generation to establish their channels. The New Boston covers tutorials on Java, Python, C++, Angular, React, Docker, Django, and many other famous technologies and frameworks.

16. LearnWebCode

LearnWebCode is focused on both front and backend parts of web app development. Thus, there is always a place here for both designers and developers. Most of their videos are dedicated to CSS, HTML, and JavaScript/jQuery. Compared to other YouTube channels on this list, we can certainly state that it isn't the most extensive one. Still, the videos are very straightforward and advantageous for most new developers.

17. Fireship

Fireship is considered one of the biggest web development youtube channels. It has more than 1 million active viewers, and it’s still rapidly growing to this day. Such success is that most of their videos are beginner-friendly and incredibly simple to understand. Also, similar to some other YouTube channels on this list, their videos are constantly getting updated. Fireship’s target audience is mainly novice web developers who want a friendly and easy-going approach to learning web development skills.

Fireship Youtube Channel

18. Academind

Academind is a popular channel created by two developers: Manuel Lorenz and Maximilian Schwarzmüller. Their main objective is to provide everyone with the necessary materials for a person to learn full-stack website development effectively.

All of their videos are free, and every week there is always something new that you can watch. The YouTube creators love to release web development guides, rich frontend languages, and training videos on popular and modern web app development technologies.

19. Neil Rowe

Neil Rowe (previously Coder’s Guide) is a YouTube channel with no unnecessary videos (vlogs, commentary, etc.). Instead, it focuses on specific web programming languages and frameworks. But don't expect to finish a playlist filled with Java tutorials every day. Each playlist is typically long. For example, for JavaScript, there are 19 videos. This channel's other popular topics include HTML/CSS, Java, and Visual Basic.

20. Codecourse

Codecourse is another excellent Youtube channel for learning web app development principles, as its host is teaching web development skills with the latest web app innovations and optimization techniques. According to the separate playlists, one can easily browse any topic in the correct order. The topics vary from a simple PHP programming language course to the newest Nuxt.js framework. Overall, this particular channel provides many resources for someone who wants to try something new in web app development.

21. freeCodeCamp

freeCodeCamp is not a simple channel for coding and programming on web apps. Instead, it is a fully-grown open-source community and a firm filled with various software engineers. Some of the most popular videos on their channel include “Binary Source Introduction” and a detailed course on “React Router.” In addition, freeCodeCamp is a non-profit company. It has zero ads. Thus, now you have more reason to watch their in-depth tutorials!

freeCodeCamp Youtube Channel


Any web app development educational video tutorials recorded by a web app specialist can be considered an excellent approach to learning new web app skills. It doesn’t matter whether you have or don’t have any experience. As long as you strive for new knowledge - these YouTubers can provide you with current web development topics. Our team is confident that all of the recommended channels can provide you with the necessary knowledge and information you may require in your future web development projects.

A small piece of career advice: if you prefer to read articles on various web app development topics than watching YouTube videos, you may discover more detailed tutorials with numerous recommendations on modern frameworks and technologies.