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The Best Apps for Getting Around New York City

Discover these 10 best New York apps for your mobile phone. Make your stay both convenient and joyful while carefully exploring the sights of NYC.

Written by RamotionNov 3, 20218 min read

Last updated: Feb 5, 2024

New York is a city that everyone just loves to visit! Some people strive to start something new; whether it is a career or a business, the others enjoy the city cultures. If you are new to New York and are entirely unfamiliar with the whereabouts, you will find yourself wasting your time on something you didn't want to do. That is why you need to have the best NYC apps for locals!

Whether you may need apartments apps, parking apps, or delivery apps, our New York apps interface design agency has got it all covered! Here is a compilation of the best New York city apps that will assist you in staying organized during your next visit. Since New York has far too much to investigate in a single visit, the list of apps can continue. However, the New York apps included below should meet most of your general needs for navigating your journey. So without further ado, we present you with 10 apps every New Yorker needs!

Central Park

The first entry on our list of best New York apps for tourists is the Central park app. Acting as your companion, you can visit and travel through one of the most popular parks in NYC. This app includes over 200 exciting places to see and things to do in Central Park, along with an interactive map for the Central Park navigation and a list of recent activities. As an NYC tourist app, Central Park will keep you always updated on the latest news from Twitter and Tumblr with information about the recent events and activities. With this New York tourist app, you’ll never get bored visiting the main park of New York.


If you're looking for New York City apps which you can use to find the most exclusive culinary in the town, then UrbanSpoon is the right choice for you. With it, you can try some of the best of New York's dishes with various recommendations based on your location, preferences, and budget. It even allows you to rank and map alternatives according to their popularity and proximity to you. Menus and restaurant information are easily accessible. More than that, you may check reviews from culinary experts and other users to ensure that you choose the best restaurant for you. So this is truly one of the best apps for New York City to have.


Every single year, thousands upon millions of people fly directly to New York to witness Broadway shows. There are several purchasing methods, but few of them are as convenient as the TKTS mobile app in Manhattan and Brooklyn. This app allows you to bypass queues, browse available tickets, and read show reviews. TKTS is one of the mandatory apps NYC for everyone looking to see a show on the Great White Way. It is also known for crazy discounts on last-minute shows, TKTS is considered one of the must-have NYC apps for tourists or anyone looking to see a performance on Broadway.


By far, one of the most beautiful experiences for people is a professional massage on-demand after a long and exhausting day. Zeel provides high-quality massages from certified massage therapists to wherever you are. If you want an app for things to do in NYC, then Yelp is your choice! Just within an hour of booking, you can already attend your scheduled session. Zeel is available throughout the greater New York area from 8 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., making it the ideal alternative when hotel spas are closed or not included in your stay. Zeek is by far the most straightforward app that allows you to customize the duration of your massage, the style, and the gender of your masseur. As the best app for New York City travel, you won’t be disappointed by downloading Yelp.


If you travel a lot around New York city or dine frequently, the chances are that you may need NY apps that could easily navigate you across the city to find the food you are looking for. Yelp is a mobile app that is capable of finding a cafe that you want. While it is not always the ideal app for every place in the United States, it proves itself in big cities like New York. Apart from ratings, listings, maps, and different restaurant menus, it's an excellent backup for the other applications on this list. You don't have to be a native to find exciting things in a new town. So be sure to download Yelp, as it will ease your visit as one of the essential New York travel apps.


If you prefer to live spontaneously and explore New York City, HotelTonight can help you find the most suitable apartments. HotelTonight acts as a New York travel app that scours the web for rooms on discounts that would otherwise remain vacant in hotels. Each was hand-picked for its unique location and magnificence. Additionally, it offers a booking experience optimized for mobile consumers, with bookings completed in less than ten seconds. Take advantage of your freedom and download this genuinely great application that easily scores as one of the best NYC apps for tourists.

Park Me

As a new resident, you may be tempted to drive around the city and enjoy the most exceptional experience that you have ever had. However, one obstacle that you may find ridiculously uneasy is the sight of the nearest parking ground. ParkMe is the best NYC app that helps you find the right parking slot. It scans data for nearby parking lots to display availability and pricing, acting as a citymapper app while allowing you to prepay and reserve a space in advance. So if you are still looking for an app that could easily give you access to parking lots, Park me is one of the best apps for visiting NYC that you can find.


TodayTix is a New York attractions app built by theatre producers to assist patrons in obtaining last-minute tickets to the finest Broadway plays. TodayTix serves as an NYC guide app that provides various discounts on performances before the actual performances and ticket lotteries for even more significant savings. After booking, proceed to the front line to be shown to your seat by a courteous TodayTix concierge. Avoid tight rush lines and enjoy your trip knowing that you'll still have the opportunity to watch the most excellent New York City theatres at a fraction of the price with one of the best apps for New York City tourists.


Numerous firms in New York City do need a mandatory confirmation of a COVID for their employees and patrons. If you are one of the newcomers who just came to the city, this New York COVID app will keep and submit the documents necessary to demonstrate that you have complied with these standards. As one of the mandatory and best apps for New Yorkers, you should download the app once you come to live there.


Are you a passionate fan of the Yankees baseball team, and you just can’t wait for another game they will perform? Constantly looking at the TV screen and just can’t wait for their next MLB match to be released? Well, the MLB mobile app is just for you. It offers various live baseball games played in the United States. Therefore, if you were looking for Yankees apps and could not locate them, you can quickly find them here and watch their games!

Attractions in New York

New York Metropolis is the largest and most populous city in the United States, frequently referred to as the "city that never sleeps" due to its never-ending activities. New York is a magnificent destination, filled with arts and culture, restaurants, and intelligent buildings in place of stars. Manhattan, in particular, is a high-energy environment. It is noisy, boisterous, and impatient. Events do not simply occur here; they occur with a bang. With so much to see and do in the city, a New York novice may feel overwhelmed, so we advise you to download all of the best New York travel apps mentioned above.

New York City subway

The New York City Subway is a transit system that spreads across the entire city that can be comparable to an app New York called Transit. Initially, it was opened on October 27, 1904, and it is considered one of the world's oldest public transit systems and one with the most stations (472 stations). There are stations placed throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. The system has operated every single day in a year, except for emergencies and disasters.

Events in NYC

The city of New York practically brims with large festivals and holiday parades, musical concerts, and art exhibitions. Whether you're planning a visit next week or next year, it's always a good idea to check out what's happening during your upcoming stay and to learn about nearly anything via the best apps for NYC.

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