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How to Outsource Web App Development in 2023?

Critical and detailed review of outsource web development industry with all questions answered and doubts cast away.

Written by RamotionJul 5, 202118 min read

Last updated: Feb 12, 2024

Every business, regardless of its size and industry type, must have a website with an active online presence in the digital world of today. Since the very first thing a prospective buyer will do upon hearing your business's name is search it up on Google and form an opinion or judgment about your business based on what they discover. Without a website, your business will miss out on almost all marketing possibilities, potential clients, and sales of course.

If a business decides to get involved with the web application development for their target audience, or simply wants to keep on top of website maintenance, then in that case the handling process on the web development tasks becomes quite tough. That’s why in most cases, the outsource web application development company can significantly assist you with them and greatly reduce any involved risks. So, let’s see why you should entrust this job to them.

Reasons why you need to outsource web application development services

Lots of online web applications began their existence as little projects and grew into big business industries over time. Their success is due to the correct and confident distribution of a large number of technical jobs to web development outsourcing businesses. So, what kind of benefits or rather reasons have drawn the owners of successful web application enterprises to execute website development outsource?

The following are the five primary advantages of outsourcing web development agencies.

High development speed

It takes up to 7 weeks to hire your first local developer. When a team begins working together at the office, it takes around two to four weeks to organize all processes, establish the workflow, and begin working. Following that, there are sick days, vacations, and other unforeseen events that may appear on your calendar. As a result, you miss deadlines and product launch dates. While a competitor launches a similar website, within several weeks and collects all of your prospective clients' money with the help of an outsource web application development company.

So, outsourcing web development companies do indeed enable you to get started immediately, since any signed contracts that you have made impose strict time constraints. You may rest assured that everything will be delivered on time and that your staff will work efficiently to fulfill deadlines.

The outsource team can more precisely estimate the project and deliver a higher-quality solution than in-house experts with a narrower specialty. Money, concentration, abilities, and time are the four primary benefits of working in the web development outsourcing sector.

Efficient Scale

Scaling your online project is a positive indicator of business expansion and an excellent reason to outsource web development that can potentially achieve your objectives. The majority of web outsourcing companies have more staff than necessary for any given project. If your project requires additional professionals, an agency can typically locate them quickly. Scaling your web project is far easier with a web development outsourcing partner than it is with in-house staff.

Low risks

Outsourcing provides the opportunity to have a project manager oversee your project who will carefully overwatch and mitigate any arising development risks. A project manager is accountable for the project's planning, communication with the client, and resolution of internal issues. Whatever the case, an outsourcing development team is subject to time and resource constraints and is required to adhere to the terms of the contract.

A large pool of talented web developers

Do you want your website to be developed by the most experienced and professional web developers? Then this is exactly what a reputable outsourcing web app development firm or a web design is doing. They take recruiting seriously to remain competitive. All of their clients are 100% satisfied when they have a large number of highly qualified developers.

Saves money

One of the primary benefits of outsourcing website development is the low cost compared to hiring local developers. Apart from the excellent rates, an outsourcing team does not need to be employed and trained whatsoever. Therefore, there is no need to hire an HR manager and an office manager, pay rent, and purchase the necessary equipment when you outsource your project. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t hire any technical personnel at all.

Improved Security

By collaborating with a reputable and competent outsourcing development agency, the latter can guarantee the security protection of your website. Security is critical in today's digital world, both for your business and for your target audience. As they rely on you to confidently protect the information of your customers.

If your website is compromised by malware, a hacker, or a data breach, the resulting consequences will certainly be very expensive for your business. For instance, if an intruder were to breach your site and obtain critical client information, your company will be responsible not only for repairing the security breach but also for any associated legal matters. A professional team is capable of conducting an assessment of your website's defenses, conduct security testing, and recommend the changes necessary to keep your site secure.

Mistakes that you want to avoid of outsourcing web development

Apart from the reasons why you should hire a professional outsourcing website development company, some mistakes happen all the time. And it’s not just one, there are many kinds of situations where a small error can impact the entire project. So, to give you a glimpse into it, here are 5 common mistakes that an entrepreneur should avoid.

Mistake 1. Unclear expectations

The absence of specific criteria may result in a website that does not fully meet your business or customers’ demands. Changing and correcting your product during the final stages of development is very time-consuming and costly. One would need more time on the development than if everything was done properly from the start.

So, how exactly can you avoid such an obvious problem?

First, determine which business requirements your website should address. Never forget about the end-user: consider the primary reasons they would utilize. Prepare adequate paperwork outlining the requirements and resolving any potential conflicts before the work beginning.

Next, make sure that you and your team are on the same page. Never be afraid to seek help if you lack a confident future product vision. Most of the time an expert outsourcing team can drive you through the process with the proper questions and recommendations.

Finally, maintain an active role in the website development process, as your involvement strongly correlates with the state of your end product.

Mistake 2. Short-term partnerships

If you want to establish a short partnership with an outsourced team, then you are more likely to fail your web project. Due to the short period, both parties may encounter misconceptions and misunderstandings as it is practically impossible to establish a proper acquaintance. Furthermore, the outsourced web development company will be unable to provide the best solution that meets the requirements of the business owing to a lack of time and cash.

To avoid this kind of scenario, make a long-term commitment to website development outsourcing and work with your IT partner to develop not only a website but also relationships. Do not overlook the value of human relationships in favor of project accomplishment. Most of the strong relationships are more important than the most precise written contract for the success of an outsourcing deal.

Mistake 3. No technical expert from your company

Another issue that you must avoid once you've determined to outsource web development is a lack of technical expertise of either yourself or your team. This could result in certain risks and failures for your developing project. Essentially, most, if not all of the company’s are focused on correct product technical development, which entails more than ensuring that work is completed technically correct. It does involve the capacity to communicate clearly and to generate robust paperwork with specific needs for your outsourcing partner.

So, it is truly critical to have a tech-savvy person in your organization to provide strong assistance and aid with any technical challenges. Specifically, outsourcing a project does not remove your business from the necessity of the technical team. Start recruiting these people and you will receive a well-developed website solution that meets all of your business's and end users' requirements.

Mistake 4. Project cost underestimation

“Companies are employing outsource teams to save money” - if you are thinking that way, then you are probably on the wrong business road. While outsourcing website development may save you money, this should not be the primary reason for employing them. Indeed, outsourcing to a properly chosen company will help you save money. However, if chosen incorrectly, you are risking overpaying for your website. Productivity is also critical here. If you choose the lowest price (on the initial stage) you may encounter a higher cost number, with lesser quality, less competence, and infrequent or unsupportive communication. Bear this in mind when picking an outsourcing partner for website development.

So what do you need to do, to avoid it? Try to allocate a budget for your project development within a realistic range. Resist the temptation to hire the firm with the lowest prices in the hope of saving money.

Mistake 5. Fixed cost is the best option

Without a question, a fixed price gives businesses a sense of control and security. The business founder won’t need to be concerned about overpayments, as the website development outsource partner assumes all financial risks. However, some things can go wrong.

To begin, website development is a creative process and a complex task. While it is desirable to have definite timelines, prices, and commitments on paper, both running a business and developing websites are fraught with surprises.

Secondly, fixed-price for project development is considered to be always more expensive. Since in theory, an IT outsourcing company assumes all possible risks and includes them into the fixed development price. The vendor must have a plan in place to deal with any uncertainties that may arise during the development steps of your website. Thus, if there are any potential high risks involved in the implementation of your project, then don’t be surprised when the total price will increase with an extra charge of 50% from the original cost.

Lastly, you run the risk of forsaking quality and improvements as the worth of the job becomes secondary to the price. The quality may be affected as a result of the IT outsourcing company's concentration on preserving the agreed price in any manner possible rather than on developing a superior product.

Therefore, before even considering your development plan, carefully analyze your project. Fixed-price projects might benefit you in certain scenarios where the requirement, specifications, and costs are very predictable. These certain situations are MVP, limited budget, small projects, and clear conditions.

How to outsource web development?

Step 1. Specify the project requirements

The very first step of choosing an outsource website development agency is to correctly establish your project requirements and business goals. The first one should consist of all technical and graphical goals that your website is required to have. The latter one is created to achieve certain results from your business.

Try to answer the following questions in as detail as you can.

  • What are the goals that my business has to achieve?
  • What are the project technical requirements?
  • What kind of technology stack is suitable for my website?

Never be scared to fully disclose the capabilities of your project. This may greatly assist your outsourcing web development team in comprehending your concept and evaluating the website development costs. Additionally, it will show you how to outsource web development tasks within a reasonable budget, as developing your scope of features and sprints often means deleting unnecessary features before production starts.

Step 2. Make a list of the outsource web development company

If you already determined the potential candidate for your project, go ahead and contact them. Otherwise, there are numerous alternatives. You can advertise your project with a brief description of all requirements and the desired approach. After that, let the companies compete. You can conduct a competitor analysis and determine who will suit you the best. Eventually, the circle will narrow to the candidates that fit the best. In general, two qualities distinguish the good from the bad: quality and price.

Diverse web development firms and teams like to use various development components and get the best at them. Some are heavily focused on design, while others are experts in big data and machine intelligence. The primary problem here, however, is achieving the appropriate balance and competence for your project. In the meantime, do look at the following qualities when assessing your potential outsource web development partner.

  • Experience - While experience may not always mean talent, it does weigh heavily when it comes to choosing the outsource web development company. The more diverse and bigger the number of projects they have successfully executed, the more likely they can assist you too.
  • Portfolio - Always evaluate your potential partner by the portfolio that they have. A comprehensive display of previous work may be sufficient to convince you to choose a particular organization.
  • Personnel - Do understand how exactly the outsourcing team interacts with you. How do they treat your project and what kind of approach do they follow. These are the points you are entitled to clarify when assembling your outsource team.
  • Competence. Each decent outsource company has its trademark, but only great ones offer everything properly as they know their business. Their relentless pursuit of mastery is what distinguishes them.
  • Communication - Regardless of a location or time zone, a communication strategy should always be effective. The fundamental requirement is proficient English for communication and writing.
  • Confidentiality - To share your website development concept, trust and empathy are required, yet they are insufficient. The outsource website development company has to guarantee that it has a variety of protective layers to protect the concept of your product.

Step 3. Prepare questions and conduct interviews

Once you've chosen candidates to outsource your main project, do gather as much information about them as possible. A video interview is the most effective method of selecting a website development outsourcing company. Prepare questions in advance for outsourcing company interviews.

The following are the primary questions that you should ask while interviewing with an outsourcing development company.

  1. Do you have experience in projects similar to ours?
  2. Have you worked in the same business industry as our project is?
  3. How long have you been providing its services on the market?
  4. Can you give me live samples of your portfolio?
  5. Do you have experience with the technologies required for our project?
  6. Where can I read your client’s feedback?
  7. What kind of skills and experience does your development team have?
  8. What kind of methodologies do you use for web projects and what support do you provide for them?
  9. How does your company arrange communication between clients and project managers?
  10. What kind of security measures do you take to protect your projects?

Step 4. Make your choice

Once you have conducted several interviews, it’s finally time to pick the right outsourcing team and start working with them. Before that, take your time to assess all of the candidates along with the business requirements that you are trying to achieve. If you think that none of them have matched your needs, then continue your search or you consider rethinking your set goals (if it feels too unrealistic).

What does a web development outsourcing team look like?

This type of question doesn’t pose a specific difficulty or raise a concern while searching for an outsource web development agency, but rather shows who will be producing most of the work on your project. Typically, a web development team should consist of at least the following roles:

  1. Project manager - This individual is in charge of managing the product development process. A project manager supervises and reports to you on the development stages. If you have any project-related questions, you should contact him first.
  2. Backend developers - They are your primary source for web development outsourcing. The backend developer is responsible for the project's server-side functionality.
  3. Front-end developer - The front-end developer is mostly responsible for the client-side of your web project and is responsible for bridging the gap between code and design. They ensure that your web project appears great across all platforms, operating systems, or any other device that has direct access to the internet.
  4. Designer - This professional is responsible for developing a product that is both attractive and convenient for your customers. A highly talented designer assists in bringing your concept to life and demonstrates what you desire to see.

How much does it cost to outsource website development?

When considering an outsourcing web development agency, it's frequently impossible to precisely estimate the total cost of the project, as it's being determined by so various factors. The following are the key ones:

  • The web product scale
  • The functions complexity
  • The number of specialists
  • The overall project time
  • Rates

This final one varies according to the geographical location of a web development outsourcing company. Consider the hourly prices for three of the most popular outsourcing regions.

Contrary to the belief that all highly skilled experts with the most modern technologies and services are concentrated in the United States, web developers from Europe and Asia are gaining prominence nowadays. Additionally, these regions offer IT and design services with a 30% discount if compared to the average rate in North America, while the quality of the services doesn’t differ much from the North American one. Therefore, numerous entrepreneurs choose to outsource web development to companies located in these regions.

Below, we investigated different price ranges of different websites that an outsource web development company can potentially build. Keep in mind that, all these approximate prices are based on the requirements and complexity of the given project.

  • Real estate website - $45,000 to $67,000.
  • Modern medical website - $35,000 to $65,000.
  • eCommerce website - $15,000 to $40,000.
  • Food delivery website - $31,000 to $42,000.
  • Online learning platform - $62,000 to $82,000.

Where can I find an outsource website development company?

Below is a list of all informative and useful websites/platforms that can assist in the search for a web development outsourcing partner. Each one takes a unique approach for presenting the right web development partner. Some companies place client ratings, reviews, and competence above everything else. Others showcase the work of web development teams or individual freelancers. You can browse these platforms and determine which one will suit you and produce the desired product.


Clutch is a review platform for lots of business and marketing campaigns that outsource their services. It has a Matchmaking Program, which is a complimentary service. You can use this tool to find the right specialists for your web project and receive proposals from several outsourcing companies interested in taking on your project. This tool is taking five main criteria to filter all of the registered outsource companies, which are expertise, clients reviews, awards, years on the digital market, services, rates.


GoodFirms stands out as one of the greatest platforms for outsourcing agencies, as the ratings are generated by collecting the clients’ reviews while contacting contact clients directly. GoodFirms is an excellent resource for locating examples of competitive web app projects that a potential partner has completed.


Upwork demonstrates a diverse range of talented freelancers, including web developers, information technology designers, and others. Additionally, Upwork managers might choose a professional for you based on your criteria without your involvement. Upwork's technique is distinguished by filters that assist you in locating the ideal professional and customer ratings.


Dribbble is a popular destination for designers and web developers, both local ones and freelancers. Dribbble is a platform for specialists who present their shots (portfolio design assets) in the form of graphics, microinteractions, animations, and website portfolios. By evaluating designers' abilities, you may quickly choose the web developer, who may suit your needs.


This website serves as a showcase for all creative people, including photographers, web developers, and designers. All of them showcase their work and get inspired by the work of others. Without a doubt, Behance is a great place to uncover exceptional specialists.

In Conclusion

We hope our article was very beneficial in terms of the searching process of an outsource web development agency. On the other hand, those who have already successfully finished their website with one of the outsource partners, do maintain communication. There is no need to terminate your relationship with an outsourcing web development business after your website is complete and operational. If something needs to be changed or you have thought of some excellent addition to your website, only the same team who has built it from the very beginning can do it with the same speed, efficiency, and quality.