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Starting An L.A. Web Design Company? Hire Key People

Are you starting an L.A. web design company? Surround yourself with the right people. Key personnel will be a “make or break” for any company.

Starting a business is never easy. There are just too many things to consider.

As an owner, you have to plan out and strategize. Then you have to think about the money issue—how to get it and how to budget. One important element in starting a business is hiring the right people. If you are surrounded by the appropriate key personnel, then your L.A. web design company will run smoothly.

The right people for your L.A. web design company

When you are surrounded with the right personnel, then you can concentrate on the bigger things when it comes to business. You can actually focus on the operational and fiscal part of the business. Being a macro manager has a lot of benefits.

For one, you can have a less stressful life, which is good for your physical and mental health. When you micromanage a business, you will be up on all employees’ business. That’s not only good for you; it’s also really annoying for the employees.

However, you can’t really macro manage when you don’t have a good set of employees. If you can’t trust the people working for you, then you can’t really be focused on the bigger picture. Instead, you will be involved in the most minor decisions.

Two; if you are a macro manager then you are basically empowering your employees. It means that you trust them with their job and that would boost their morale. Morale is always good for the business.

So, who are the right people for your business?

1. Web developers

This is crucial to your company, of course. As a web design company, of course you are going to develop websites, web applications, and mobile applications. Web developers would be crucial.

For startups that are just keeping it small, it may not be budget-friendly yet to hire a few web developers. At least two should suffice at the start. At least, when you have a couple of developers, the company won’t be overwhelmed when projects are coming in.

Web developers have the reputation of being aloof—at least, if you base it on the cliché in the movies. The reason why we are mentioning this is because you want your web developer to be fully integrated with the team.

The job of a web developer is extremely important, but they are still part of the team. Cohesion is necessary because creating a full-service web design for a client comprise different elements made by different people.

However, you don’t want the outputs to look like they were made by different people. Always encourage the web developer not to be aloof. Instead, they should be vocal about the job so there will be proper exchange of ideas from all experts concerned.

2. UI / UX designers

There is no use having a website if it doesn’t have a great user interface and user experience. If the website doesn’t look good, then people will not be attracted to explore it. If the website is slow, then people will not stay on that site.

There are one billion websites in the world. Yep! You read that right! One billion websites. If your website is not working well, then people will not waste time on it. They will find another company that offers the same products or services.

This is why the UI and UX designers are truly important. By the way, these are two separate positions. In a lot of cases, a person can be both a UI and UX designer. This would mean a more seamless work.

User interface and user experience are also related.

3. Social media manager

You should offer a full-service web design operation. We’re living in a different world. People are online today more than ever. There is a chance that more people will discover your client’s presence if they have social media, too. That’s why you ought to hire a social media manager as well.

The social media aspect is related to the web development part of the service. They may be different but you also want to have a seamless transition between social media and website or web / mobile application.

Sure, you can outsource the social media management part of the business. However, there might be a type of disconnect between the client’s website and social media accounts because they are handled by two different companies.

Consistency is important in branding. This will then lead us to the next key employee:

4. Branding / marketing specialist

Since we’re talking about a startup here, we’re just merging these two positions. Branding and marketing, while related, are actually quite expansive together. It would have been preferable to hire a branding strategist and marketing specialist separately.

Branding is important because you want the client to have its own personality that people will instantly recognize. This is why teamwork is extremely important. The branding strategist would have to explain the branding aspect of the website properly to the developer and UI / UX designer.

The same would be processed by the social media manager. Branding would have to be part of every online activity for the client. It’s the same with marketing. There will be marketing components that would have to be integrated onto the website and social media accounts of the client.

5. Manager

You, as owner, could be the manager. Or you could hire another person to be the manager if you have a lot of other tasks related to the operations of the business. The manager will make sure that the team is working seamlessly together and that the company is delivering projects on schedule.

The daily operations of the L.A. web design company will be headed by the manager. They don’t just make sure that everyone is getting along and working quite well together, they also have to make sure that the office has the tools necessary to achieve the tasks.

It would be truly beneficial if the manager has technical knowledge about web development so they can truly understand the process.

6. Admin officer

This is the person who makes sure that people are getting paid on time and that people went to work when needed.

The admin officer is also responsible for what may seem to be mundane things that are actually important for work like coffee or pens and papers, and various essentials.

7. Content writer

This is something that can actually be outsourced. But there is also an advantage to having your own content writer. When you have an in-house writer, they will be apprised of the holistic campaign to design a website for the client. This means that they will be part of the meetings to conceptualize the website and other online components for the client.

They actually have insider knowledge on the website that will translate beautifully to the words they will string together for the web and social media copy.

8. Photographer

Just like the writer position, this can also be outsourced. But if you have the money to hire one, a photographer is actually important not just for the client but also for your own L.A. web design company.


Those specific key people can really help run a successful web design company. Being in this field is lucrative as no business entity nowadays can exist without having a website or any other digital platform. The key to success is to embrace the so-called business digitalization. A brand must be accessible and visible on the Internet. If not it will be left behind. In other words, an entrepreneur can compete strongly but only if his brand is visible online.

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