31 Web Development Quotes

Learn how both famous and common people are expressing their thoughts and publish web development quotes when handling web app projects.

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Why are quotations so popular? Well, the answer is relatively simple: every single quote out there can represent what we know, feel, believe, think, hope, admit, and/or have experienced as a fact. Quotes are memorable, not only because every professional web development agency is using them, but because their concise meaning is satisfying. Since our childhood, we've heard numerous quotes from our close ones, from acquaintances, and especially on social media. What the quotes do is reaffirm certain facts that we already know in either inspiring or in any emotional way. The best thing about quotes is that they can provide an answer to our inquiry in any way we like. Thus, let’s examine some of the most notable web development quotes out there and see what kind of opinion other people have on the subject of web development

Web Development Quotes

As the web development industry has become so huge in the last two decades, it has brought the attention of many people who are constantly sharing their own opinion. Whether it is an enthusiastic quote that will show you one of the core uses of web application development or a funny joke that demonstrates common errors or occurrences. All kinds of quotes are there. That’s why let’s see some of the inspirational website development quotes and move to the funny ones.

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Web Development Quotes

“Your website is the center of your digital ecosystem, like a brick and mortar location, the experience matters once a customer enters, just as much as the perception they have of you before they walk through the door.” - Leland Dieno

The primary advantage for you to develop a website is that you will have a central point of contact for your upcoming customers and Leland has correctly identified it in this quote. It is very crucial to have a good first impression for your customers, and a website does this task flawlessly.

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.” - Paul Cookson

There is no doubt that every website out there has been created for a single purpose and that is to promote the services and products that the company holds. It is both convenient and essential to ensure that you will generate revenue from your target audience with your work directly from your website. Thus, be sure to correctly create a marketing website that does at least 50% of your marketing work.

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away” - Antonie De-Saint Exupery

This is a universe quote for all web designers and developers that serve as an inspiration. There is no reason to fix something that is not damaged. Restraint is more important than anything else in your job. By overcoming creative roadblocks, one will determine a developer's or designer's success. So, consider it and use it to bolster your passion.

“Website without visitors is like a ship lost in the horizon.” - Dr. Christopher Dayagdag

Each marketing website should have an active pool of users for a business to generate some sort of revenue. If there are no users, then the company cannot sell its product to anyone nor generate any income. Thus, what this quote is trying to tell is that an entrepreneur must always allocate enough time and resources to advertise his website. By doing so, one can get one step closer to earning a consistent volume of sales.

“Learning to write programs stretches your mind, and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains.” - Bill Gates

This one relates to web developers and is essential for every tech-savvy person, as it tells you that not only are you learning a new programming language, but you are also gaining something new.

“A successful website does three things: It attracts the right kinds of visitors. Guides them to the main services or products you offer. Collect Contact details for future ongoing relation.” - Mohamed Saad

Despite numerous years of experience, a web developer may lack the necessary knowledge of what it takes to create a successful website. These four sentences describe the ultimate marketing website example and what it does. Each characteristic is necessary for its success. Even if you are not a professional developer, if you follow this rule, you will certainly succeed.

“Responsive Web Design always plays an important role whenever going to promote your website.” - Josh Wilson

Pretty much everyone is aware that every single website has to be promoted, and one thing that is connected with it is responsive web design. A website's success is always dependent upon its responsive design. It has to be responsive to be able to attract the right amount of traffic. A website's load time is typically between 3-5 seconds, and no one wants to wait longer.

“If You Think Math is Hard Try Web Design.” - Pixxelznet

Lots of clients always think of web design as a simple task. Unfortunately, it is one of the most difficult tasks out there. A designer has a lot of factors that he must take into consideration, including project requirements, target audience, and industry trends. So next time, if someone tells you that web design is an easy task, tell them this web development quote.

“The public is more familiar with bad design than good design. It is, in effect, conditioned to prefer bad design, because that is what it lives with. The new becomes threatening, the old reassuring.” - Paul Rand

Every designer reaches a point where he desires to experiment and create things on his own. But at the same time, they (at some point) lament their old creations. Both of these scenarios are referenced in this website development quote. Thus, depending on the time and audience, a designer must pick between the old and the new approach.

“There are three responses to a piece of design - yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for” - Milton Glaser

As a web designer and web developer, polish your skills and deliver your creations most ultimately and amazingly. Along with the satisfaction that you'll gain from your job, you’ll also make a good fortune out of it.

“If there’s one thing you learn by working on a lot of different Web sites, it’s that almost any design idea-no matter how appallingly bad-can be made usable in the right circumstances, with enough effort.” - Steve Krug

Sometimes not all tasks may not go according to the plan, as it always happens. For example, during a design process, some unavoidable circumstances may occur and you may lose all of your precious time and effort that you spent. In such instances, consider this web development quote. Maintain patience and consider alternative techniques.

“Learning to code is useful no matter what your career ambitions are.” - Arianna Huffington, Founder, The Huffington Post

And it is completely true, whatever ambitions you currently have for your career, coding, especially for web development, is a strong skill to have in your resume and expertise.

“Whether we’re fighting climate change or going to space, everything is moved forward by computers, and we don’t have enough people who can code. Teaching young people to code early on can help build skills and confidence and energize the classroom with learning-by-doing opportunities.” - Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group

A very strong, yet meaningful website development quote that stays true to the young generation. By picking up the skills of web development early on, you will have more opportunities for young people to extend their knowledge gap.

“Reusability is key in reducing bugs and coding quickly. The more I use a piece of code, the more confident and familiar I become with it, which in turn significantly speeds up my development time.” - Robert Duchnik

As it was stated above, the reusability factor inside the backend architecture of a digital product is a blessing for a regular web developer. That way the project will be done more efficiently and all of the other developers can utilize the reusable code snippet for other purposes.

“With the support of our vibrant web developer community and dedicated partners, our goal is to level the playing field and usher in an explosion of content and services that will meet the diverse needs of the next two billion people online.” - Gary Kovacs

It’s always awesome to hear such warm and inspirational quotes that are targeted to the future of the web development industry. Always strive for the best and deliver the correct projects that meet and both exceed the expectations of your clients.

“A good standalone plugin can also make you a fair amount of money. Many developers make a decent living by simply maintaining and updating one or two crucial plugins that are far better than anything available for free.” - Robert Duchnik

A very good point that Robert Duchnik has stated in this web development quote. If you are a very professional developer, you can create a plugin or a piece of software that can run far better than any of the free ones. Furthermore, you will be getting more money out of it. So think carefully about your career path and the benefits that you want to receive.

“It’s not a bug. It’s an undocumented feature!” - Anonymous

A funny website quote that became quite common when a developer is making an excuse for any software bug he has encountered. However, while this quote is funny, as a web developer do take a note to test all of the features that you have made.

“Talk is cheap. Show me the code.” - Linus Torvalds

The founder of Linux himself has stated a very good quote that can be applied to practically any IT development industry (including web development too). If you are bragging about some project that you have done yourself, do present the evidence. Otherwise, your words will mean nothing.

“Writing the first 90 percent of a computer program takes 90 percent of the time. The remaining ten percent also takes 90 percent of the time and the final touches also take 90 percent of the time.” - N.J. Rubenking

A very truthful website quote that all web developers have heard numerous times. By the time you will finish almost all project tasks, the remaining time for you to finish it will be strangely increased. The reason why is simple: you will start to notice some of the details and small things that have to be either fixed or polished and that also takes a good portion of your time.

“As a programmer, it is your job to put yourself out of business. What you do today can be automated tomorrow.” - Doug McIlroy

Do hold an ability to stand out from the regular business, since most of the things in different business industries (including IT too), are being automated. So, sooner or later, your job may get automated too.

“Don't comment bad code - rewrite it.” - Brian Kernighan

What this means is do not simply comment on the bad code that some beginner web developer has done. It is much wiser to rewrite it. That way not only you will set an example for your subordinate, but also prevent any unwanted errors or bugs.

“Most sites need to prevent breadth - many many pages that are organized cohesively. A site that presents a single webpage is unlikely to present sufficient depth of content to justify extensive SEO.” - Harold Davis

Do hold an ability to stand out from the regular business, since most of the things in different business industries (including IT too), are being automated. So, sooner or later, your job may get automated too.

“If you want a great site, you’ve got to test. After you’ve worked on a site for even a few weeks, you can’t see it fresh anymore. You know too much. The only way to find out if it really works is to test it.” - Steve Krug

Once again, do test all of the functionalities and features that a web developer has created. It is almost essential that you check everything from top to bottom, that way you’ll reduce the chances of users abandoning your website.

“The problem is there are no simple ‘right’ answers for most Web design questions (at least not for the important ones). What works is good, integrated design that fills a need - carefully thought out, well-executed, and tested.” - Steve Krug

To be able to fill all of the requirement gaps in a design of a website is to carefully and extensively plan out the theory behind it, produce a few polished versions of it, and actively test it on the target audience.

“To become successful online, you only need to remember the following : Good Heart + Passion + Web Design + SEO + Digital Marketing + Dedication + Positiveness + Patience = Success” - Dr. Christopher Dayagdag

This web development quote is more like a math formula for any web developer that is trying to achieve success in his web project.

“Sometimes it pays to stay in bed on Monday, rather than spending the rest of the week debugging Monday's code.” - Dan Salomon

Working is always awesome, but do not overwork yourself excessively. Sometimes it is better to rest and gain more energy to be productive later on, rather than constantly execute your work every single day with no rest at all.

“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be… functional.” - Cameron Moll

Art and web design are relatively close to each other. However, under close inspection, art is like the freedom of a human mind that can reflect pretty much anything he wants. The web design is very similar to that definition too, however, it is meant to be functional and flexible for the user to engage and do certain actions that will lead to the company revenue.

“First, solve the problem. Then write the code.” - John Johnson

Do not think that any software error or bug will be gone by the time you will deploy another fresh code snippet into your backend architecture. It is completely false. Look into the root of the problem, solve it, test it again, and only if all of these three things are good, you may go ahead and write new code for your web application.

“Any code of your own that you haven’t looked at for six or more months might as well have been written by someone else.” - Eagleson’s Law

A good web development quote that serves as a tip for all web developers out there. Make sure that all of your projects stay updated. Do not let your code live on for another year or two if there is a much simpler solution for it.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” - Bill Gates

Never exclude or ignore the unpleasant feedback that may come from your target audience. Exactly these negative comments will direct your web application towards the right path and even tell you what you need to do to accomplish it. But again, don’t take it for granted and carefully analyze it.

“If you're already a front-end developer, well, pretend you're also wearing a pirate hat.” - Ethan Marcotte

What this website quote is trying to tell is that even if you are a frontend developer, it doesn’t certainly mean that you are responsible for the website outlooks. It also means that you have to overlook the functionalities and the transaction speed.

In Conclusion

There surely are a lot of people who have clearly stated their web application development quotes as their personal opinion on the subject matter. And there is absolutely no doubt that all of these quotes are specifically stressing out some of the most crucial life moments in the web development process. So do take note of them and try to grasp the most significant lessons out of them. At the same time, we hope that this article will bring you more inspiration and motivation towards web app development and give you new ideas for your project.