A brand design for Xender file transmission mobile app

The leader of all file transfer apps with over 80 million users, Xender, is creating a new digital world ahead of its competitors.

Xender is one of the leading mobile apps for file sharing and one of the first kinds in 2011. It provides users the convenience to transfer different types of files between Android or iOS devices with no cables, Wi-Fi, or cellular internet connection. With a high growth rate in the past few years, Xender now has more than 80 million active users and is available in more than 30 languages. During our collaboration, our brand design agency has been tasked with refreshing their brand to help Xender sustain the same results.

Their main issue was that they had an outdated visual style combined with a low-quality logo. It wasn’t gaining an excellent competitive advantage among the rivals in the global market. Therefore, our main task was to redesign or instead refresh the current branding style to a modern one and assist the Xender team in entering the global market by enhancing the loyalty of their customers.

Our team started by creating moodboards and searching for the right product feel, shape, mood, emotions, dynamics. Afterward, our team produced several sketches and eventually stopped on the hourglass one, which perfectly reflected three core ideologies: data transfer, an hourglass, and the letter “X.” The final grid of the brand logo follows the Golden Ratio rule, making the image perfectly balanced yet dynamic.

Since the logo image should apply to the iOS and Android platforms, our team has designed it according to iOS icon guidelines and Google Material Design Guidelines. We also made a few modifications to achieve optimal readability while maintaining consistency with both ecosystems.

In the end, we combined all of the work, which resulted in Xender’s brand book. The digital assets, illustrations, and rules were there to support the product’s visual language. We believe that branding should be expandable and contain dynamic logos as part of the digital brand book. Motion better expresses the brand mood in comparison to a static image.

xender moodboard
xender logo idea
xender sketches
xender symbol construction
xender logo grid
xender typography
xender app icon
xender brand pattern
xender brand assets

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