User interface (UI/UX) design for mobile app data and analytics platform in San Francisco

One of the best mobile and web data platforms that can provide any data insight or information almost in an instant.

Together with our client, we worked on the UI/UX design of a mobile and analytics platform, delivering various data insights to succeed in an app economy. The app itself has an enormous amount of data from millions of apps and websites. This data can produce a clear picture of the mobile landscape and assists in acquiring and retaining customers, prioritizing roadmaps, and optimizing ROI. Their app is one of the best analytics platforms among its competitors in the mobile markets. Thus, together with our San Francisco user interface design agency, we collaborated to produce a brand-new app interface.

Our partners’ main goal was to allow their customers to browse statistics on their iPhones freely. Furthermore, the new mobile app needed to fit in as a part of the existing branding. Our task was to implement the app’s UI, preserving the initial brand identity while at the same time transition platform convenience to the iPhone app.

Before implementing any UX or mobile app design assets, our team started with the target audience analysis. The majority of their potential users are business owners and financial analysts. Both of them are focused solely on forecasting any data fluctuations. Thus, the designated interface has to be simple in practice and data-rich at the same time.

Thus, after analyzing several prototypes, we proposed core improvements on the UX and designed a visual interface. We put a lot of attention to the various app data types to help users get what they wanted. At the same time, our team created stunning user interface style guidelines that produced solid recommendations for implementing and designing design assets. In the end, together with our client, we achieved many positive reviews on Google and Apple App Stores, respectively, and made the user interface a consistent part of the company brand.

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