Brand identity design for IT-cloud solution firm Mobingi

A digital product, Mobingi, that assists and dramatically simplifies the management and various operations of the IT-cloud services.

Mobingi is a digital solution for cloud services that aims to simplify and automate cloud operations. It provides cloud infrastructure provisioning and configuration, which is easy to understand and manage via a dashboard. Together with our brand agency experts, we developed a fresh brand identity for our partners at Mobingi.

At first, we started with a verbal description of the critical brand's values and features. We must be on the same page as the customer and understand everything about our clients’ business. We examine hundreds of references to determine the most appropriate metaphor and visual rhythm for a future identity. Only after that do we organize and filter our results to produce matching and quality moodboards.

The modern brand logo we created demonstrates a rather sharp texture. Our team did this since Mobingi required a SansSerif wordmark, and finding the appropriate font-weight, spacing, and solid components for the "M" and the dot on the "I" letters took time. And since the logo is in isometric form, we developed an isometric grid throughout to ensure that all aspects of the brand identity work properly and match each other.

mobingi old new logo
mobingi logo sketches
mobingi low fidelity sketches
mobing logo exploration
mobingi branding assets
mobingi logo construction
mobiingi logo construction 1
mobingi brand pattern
mobingi brand in real life

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