User interface (UI) design for a social shopping platform company

An ultimate shopping mobile application that puts the experience of users and the friendly design on top of everything else.

Our team worked alongside an e-commerce product with a unique feature, which allowed a user to get social proof from his friends before purchasing an item. During the close collaboration with our UI company experts, we have successfully produced a stunning user interface for their mobile application.

When someone develops new user interfaces for the mobile application, an expert should always apply the same brand identity guidelines for every application component and element for a digital product. In our case, we have refreshed and designed the user interface for their iOS and Android app version accordingly. That way, we ensured that all of the design elements aligned correctly.

Consistency across every digital asset matters the most. The user constantly interacts with the visible portion of your product. Thus, they are unaware of all internal corporate processes and their structure. However, you could communicate with them to gain their trust by using consistent and attractive identification design assets.

Pogo App Mobile User Interface

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