Brand identity for an internal App Store of Universal Music.

The most prominent and influential music studio around the entire world, Universal Music, is making its mobile app, Camino.

Universal Pictures is the largest music world corporation that constantly supports and sponsors the most prominent and influential music types. They wanted to build an inside app store called Camino for their company employees. Together with our brand agency Los Angeles experts, we create a new brand identity right from scratch.

The main goal for our team was to maintain consistency throughout their web app store. Thus, after analyzing the product, producing the moodboards, and developing several product sketches, our team had to pay extra attention to the web app screens. It was necessary to point out the core features and the meaning of their brand image, so our team tried to stay consistent and at the same time demonstrate their central brand vision.

One of the other main challenges in Camino was to create a new logo that could directly reflect the company’s positioning. The main problem here was that it has to be up to the competitive standards and correctly position itself. Therefore, we produced a new one from zero, resulting in a high-quality and modernized logo for Camino’s brand image.

camino visual identity

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