Branding for Cherinbo musical gallery mobile startup

Make your digital, interactive, and highly functional musical presentation within a few clicks with a Cherinbo mobile application.

Cherinbo is a mobile application that acts as a professional musical slideshow maker. Users can easily create stunning slideshows with collage photos, stickers, backgrounds, text, and frames. It is also supporting various online images and videos in the different news fields. We developed fresh branding for their mobile application during our tight collaboration with our startup branding agency professionals.

As a first step, our team began with the visual positioning of the Cherinbo product and the production of mood boards. Once finished, we made sketches with different levels of fidelity for the brand identity logo. It is essential to produce the logo early on, as it is vital to your brand. A logo should always be present for most digital products, as it is considered the primary digital asset of any company’s brand identity.

Since the logo will be applied on iOS and Android devices, our team developed it per the iOS icon guidelines and the Google Material Design Guidelines. The digital assets, graphics, and rules created to solidify the visual language of the product were all included in it. All in all, we put and combined all of our efforts to develop the Cherinbo brand book.

cherinbo visual identity

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