Branding and web design for a San Francisco legal startup Court Buddy

A user-friendly and supportive company, who will gladly offer its assistance to anyone faced with horrific and terrifying circumstances of their legal matters, Court Buddy.

Court Buddy is an online legal services marketplace that reduces friction on both sides of the market. Ultimately, their mission is to help provide a positive experience to those going through stressful legal events. They wanted to differentiate or stand out among other similar services by being memorable and accessible simultaneously. That’s where our branding agency has offered assistance in reaching the set milestone.

Our web design company San Francisco team has been tasked with designing their brand and a marketing website. Since our partners wanted to evoke trust in their target audience (considering that the client is working with the attorneys and law), we had to come to an entirely new level of branding.

As a result, we presented a revolution of their branding logo combined with other interconnected assets, as their previous logo did not resemble a serious tone. As it was an evolution of a brand, we didn’t change the colors but just slightly changed their tonality.

Apart from the produced visual brand identity redesign, our team has also presented its design assets application to their marketing website. That’s where our team has finished their work. After our joint and efficient cooperation came to a finish line, the Court Buddy merged with the Lawchamps.

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