Web design for San Francisco-based executive advisory agency

Website for an agency specializing in career design, outplacement, executive development, and advisory services. Web design and development by San Francisco agency Ramotion.

Open Colony is an agency that specializes in career design, outplacement, executive development, and advisory services to its clients. One central touchpoint where our San Francisco web design agency was intensely involved was developing and completely redesigning their marketing website.

open colony marketing website

Our team has produced several assets within our established “design funnel” approach, including custom iconography and illustration guides. These elements got applied in the Open Colony marketing website to have a modern, managerial, and trustworthy look. Our designers have also put a lot of effort into developing a unique animation on their first landing screen. As a result, the produced website layout was clear, colorful, and bright, with a neat pack of various guidelines.

open colony illustration system
open colony illustrative set

Both of our teams were happy to cooperate and develop stunning website design assets for our partners at Open Colony that have considerably raised the credibility of their services. They are professionals in career design.

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