Web design for San Francisco-based technology services provider

Wizeline is a product design and development services company that builds data-driven, cloud-native products and platforms for its clients.

Founded in 2014 in San Francisco, Wizeline solves business challenges with different design and technological approaches. More than 1,000 Wizeliners provide data-driven and design-centric solutions to implement stunning products for their users. They act as a secret weapon for lots of global enterprises while being trusted by high-growth startups.

Together with Wizeline, our web design agency San Francisco team was entrusted with producing a revolutionizing design for their marketing website. We started working on the website interface and decided to figure out how the header should look. After joint discussions with our client (who had a great experience in producing business and design products), we decided to create a set of user-friendly illustrations along with the vibrant colors that we gladly added to their website. At the same time, we wanted to demonstrate the work that our friends at Wizeline were capable of with clear and transparent design.

The design of their marketing website has become more professional and trustworthy, providing opportunities to gain new potential partners for the Wizeline agency. Since as a service company, their website has to evoke an instant trust factor immediately after the first seconds of browsing. At the same time, it should radiate and position itself as a reference of standard for similar companies.

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