User experience design for San Francisco electric scooters startup

A renting electric scooter mobile application filled with various brands developed for the active lifestyle of local cities.

One of our early collaborations involved the work on the mobile application concept focused on online scooter renting. It is a digital product that allows anyone to freely enjoy the scooter ride at specific locations inside their local cities. Simple as it is, the app can use your banking or debit card to pay for your ride. At that time, our user experience design agency San Francisco team was working on enhancing the user experience and interface for their bespoken mobile app.

During our “design funnel” process, our team stuck to the three core steps, which achieved these dynamic and powerful animations. Firstly, we created the most visually appealing animations to define the ideal look and feel. Secondly, we carefully discussed all details with our client to estimate and highlight the most complex and time-consuming transitions and motion effects, which we can simplify. As a final step, we finalized the chosen ones with good-looking and energetic UI animations.

One of the difficult and challenging goals was to design a layout for product screens. In comparison to other tasks, this one may appear a bit too simple. However, there was one detail that our team must take into account: each renting station has different scooter brands. Thus, our designers examined every available scooter product to create a layout that filled all different variations with a bit of motivational feeling.

scooter mobile app

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