JusTalk video calling app branding and UI/UX design

A creative and fun digital platform, JusTalk is designed to provide entertaining communication services for every user out there.

JusTalk is a company primarily based in China that provides simple and entertaining communication services to mobile app users. The app consists of more than 10 million loyal users around the globe. Their app is very convenient for people who keep close relationships intact and always stay on the line with their friends, family members, and colleagues. Users can publish and participate in online interactive activities. Sharing their life moments and experiences with their friends and family regardless of how far away they are. JusTalk’s marketing team approached our branding agency with one single goal in mind: make a completely new visual identity that can appeal to international users beyond the Asian market.

The core challenge that our ux design company has identified was to create a logo to be registered as a global trademark with no copyright problems. As JusTalk's name and logo aim at a family-friendly and user-friendly audience, our team had to make sure their identity was strong enough to compete with their marketing rivals. FaceTime, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and even Google Duo products were on the same line as JusTalk.

Another milestone was to develop an appealing visual identity for the Eastern and Western target audience. The combination of visually balanced camera and chat bubble shapes has to be present for Western audiences. For that reason, our team added an emotional aspect, cute eyes to be more precise, which connects to Eastern culture. This minor adjustment gave us the right 'magic sauce'.

All of these and other processes have started from our "design funnel". A start point where our team defines a visual positioning, mood boards, and produces other preparation tasks. Once this step is complete and everything looks correct from a positioning and marketing perspective, our team will develop sketches with different levels of fidelity. Therefore, this is the only way to find the right balance that conveys a recognizable metaphor for a logo sign. There is no doubt that a logo sign is not a mandatory asset to be present during your company branding. However, the reality of digital products like mobile apps is that a logo sign should be present. The main asset of any brand application or software product requires an app icon.

justalk logo
justalk sketches
justalk logotype grid
justalk black white logotype
justalk logo grid
justalk t-shirt
justalk app wireframes
justalk app design
justalk brandbook

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