Kyber Network blockchain company brand design

A seamless and secure crypto token transaction is available for every user. That is what Kyber Network cryptocurrency company tries to achieve.

Kyber Network is a decentralized exchange service that provides a seamless and secure crypto token conversion. Their product is comparable to PayPal: anyone from anywhere can make a payment in their currency. At the same time, the retail store will still receive the same amount of money in its local currency, which makes the entire conversion from one currency to another seamless. The same concept applies to Kyber Network, but their product is working in the blockchain sector.

To make Kyber Network’s brand stand out among other cryptocurrency services - that was the ultimate goal that our brand design agency had to meet. At the beginning of our branding process, we discussed their visual positioning based on the obtained information and eventually decided to start from scratch, even though the Kyber Network already had a logo.

Our team initially chose to move in the 3D direction, as it had more options for cool animation and unusual presentation in AR/VR. Shortly after that, we discussed how exactly the Kyber Network envisioned their rebranding process. The Kyber Network team decided that rebranding from scratch would be too risky for their business, and together we decided to refresh the current one.

The main point of this revision was that the direction that we developed was too 3D: it had gradients and several edges. It wasn’t a bad thing, but the Kyber Network team wanted to be closer to the current market trends. Cryptocurrency businesses and lots of other business industry companies are leaning towards simplification and modernism. Thus, it was pretty clear why Kyber Network decided to lean in that direction. Flat, simple, and clean logos is a new growing trend, which is practically everywhere.

The adjusted original logo was simpler while maintaining the same ideas and concepts. The colors of the brand logo were also slightly changed. That way, the users who are familiar with the company will easily recognize it.

kyber network visual identity
kyber network logo options
kyber network app icons
kyber network logo options
kyber network brand identity
kyber network business cards

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