Vyta fitness app UX and brand design

The fitness application Vyta was developed for accessing numerous professional coaches and trainers available at your convenient places

Vyta is a modern iOS application that provides lots of opportunities for active lifestyle people. Professional coaches, personal trainers, yoga classes, and boxing instructors are all top services that are constantly on-demand at a time and place convenient to you throughout London zones 1-3.

During our initial development stages, our brand design company was tasked with constructing a visual shape that looks both static and dynamic at the same time. At first, our team started with literal metaphors (like a human figure, for example), then moved quickly towards an abstract direction. Since the app itself is based on providing services in specific locations, our team had to consider the shape of a pin, when developing its brand image.

One of the core things that one should pay attention to is the rendering process. If the final logo image is of poor quality, it could ruin the entire design, even with a solid metaphor. A potential user won’t know how good your design is until he will feel it. Thus, with a high level of attention, our team carefully developed every single pixel in Vyta’s logo, to demonstrate a professional and solid approach to the product in general.

Visual content plays a huge role in every digital product, as it is a consistent company asset. It evokes an emotional impact on the users and sets the right tonality for a product on a marketing website. Our team achieved a static and dynamic feel for Vyta's digital product, which we applied to their illustrations too.

When someone develops a brand identity for a digital product, they should consider the application approach for a new visual language to all components and services. That includes the marketing website, iOS or Android app, marketing emails, physical assets, etc. In Vyta’s case, our UX agency designed the user interface for their iOS application and marketing website. That way we ensured that all of the design elements are consistent and align correctly.

Vyta Icons
Vyta Typography
Vyta Logo Grid
Vyta Logo Options
Vyta Android Application
Vyta iOS Application
Vyta Mobile Application

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