Marketing website design for Mozilla Labs

Experimenting with innovative and creative technologies while inspiring users for their own digital adventures - Mozilla Labs.

Mozilla Labs is a universal web platform filled with innovative projects and creative experiments run by the Mozilla team. Our marketing website design company has been tasked with web design and front-end development assistance. During the “design funnel,” we developed a new illustration style, which was partially adapted as a foundation for the new Mozilla Labs illustration guidelines.

Our primary goal was to produce digital illustrations in a storyboard format of a high-tech science laboratory while keeping the entire thing completely user-friendly. Our team got inspired by microchip structure, color, sci-fi stuff (like interfaces from Iron Man movies), molecule structure, and other extraordinary scientific attributes.

Most of the time, founders may consider only the necessary design components. Our team produced lots of different artifacts for the brand identity that we did for Mozilla Labs. However, our partners decided to continue with the word symbol while incorporating the header/hero illustration.

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