Plexchat gamers community chat app branding and UX design

An incredible mobile gaming community chatting app - Plexchat. They have built a tool for social interaction in most modern games.

Plexchat is a digital firm focused on developing the industry's leading social coordinating platform for mobile games. Together with our branding company in Los Angeles, we cooperated to construct an eye-catching brand identity and infuse the user experience for their app platform to create a trust factor for the whole gaming community.

Our Los Angeles UX design agency has decided to include a brand mascot inside the branding process to produce an outstanding and widely recognizable image. Thus, during our “design funnel,” our team created sketches of various illustrations, the early designs of in-app icons, iconography, and the mascot.

As a final result, we were proud to present a set of brand illustrations, an iconography system, and a whole design language developed as part of the brand identity guides. In 2018, the Plexchat company was acquired by the famous Warner Brothers.

plexchat icon sketches
plexchat brand illustrations sketches
plexchat icons
plexchat icons 2
plexchat iconography
plexchat styleguide
plexchat guidelines
plexchat logo

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