Website design for Clef two-factor auth San Francisco startup

A secure digital solution, Clef, with a multi-factor authentication system, is ready to provide access to any server, app, or VPN at your company.

Clef is a San Francisco-based startup that solely focuses on providing secure authentication to your servers, apps, or even VPNs via a simple multi-factor technology. They aim towards a global impact with their digital solution while making a great product for every enterprise company. Together with them, our San Francisco website design company has cooperated to produce a stunning yet trustworthy marketing website that could reflect Clef’s company statement.

We started working on the website interface and decided to figure out how it should look. After joint discussions with our client, we decided to create interactive illustrations and different shades of red that were added to their website. Both of our teams wanted to demonstrate the quality of their Clef product with a clean and dynamic design.

Another critical factor during a web design development is consistency across every digital asset, as it involves a crucial factor - user trust. The user interacts only with a visible part of your company, and they don’t know about your internal processes. So what you can demonstrate is consistent and professional illustrations of how your solutions work. Moreover, a website design system is capable of faster updates and creating additional components for other tasks while preserving consistency.

Overall, we had a lot of fun getting to know their unique digital product and constructing a website design reflecting their core three principles: expertise, trust, and impactfulness. Later on, Clef was acquired by Twilio.

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