Best Biotech Companies in San Francisco

If you are looking for the top biotech companies in San Francisco, then you’ve visited the right page. Take a look at 15 firms that are excelling and promising in their industry.

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From biotechnology paper research to the development of new devices, the world relies on the rapidly evolving biotechnology industry to keep everyone healthy right now and in the future. Lots of medical specialists, data scientists, engineers, and other highly qualified individuals combine their knowledge to develop new solutions and improve the quality of our life. That makes the biotech business one of the most innovative workforces in existence.

San Francisco, in particular, has flourished with many biotech companies due to its proximity to Silicon Valley and its infinite technological resources. That’s why our UX design company San Francisco experts have decided to share with a list of biotech companies in San Francisco Bay Area that are truly promising and have already taken a step ahead of their competition.

Nektar Therapeutics

Founded: Funds:
1990 $1200.0 M

Being one of the largest biotech companies in Bay Area, Nektar Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company focused on cancer, autoimmune illnesses, and chronic pain treatments. The firm generates most of its revenue through a relationship with various healthcare providers and the development of immuno-oncology medication. Nektar Therapeutics is solely dedicated to the production of drugs. Nektar's strategy focuses on developing medication candidates that use its PEGylation and polymer conjugate technology platforms to enhance the therapeutic advantages of pharmaceuticals. The company collaborates with leading healthcare companies to discover innovative treatments, handle the global regulatory filing process, and sell drugs in several locations across the US.


Founded: Funds:
2014 $410.0 M

Tempus is a biotech company that is heavily focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance the precision of medicine modeling. As one of the notable biotech companies in SF, it maintains the world's most extensive collection of clinical and molecular data, which it uses to assist physicians in making critical decisions about individualized patient care and accelerate the development of therapeutic solutions. Tempus is already leveraging its enormous research to support future cancer research solutions.

The company has developed a novel technology that generates, collects, structures, and analyzes massive amounts of data. When combined with the power of artificial intelligence, they can advance precision medicine today while also facilitating the discovery, development, and delivery of optimal therapeutics for the future.

Gladstone Institutes


Gladstone Institutes established the Institute of Data Science and Biotechnology to assist researchers significantly in decoding biomedical knowledge, which may be overlooked with the traditional tools. The Gladstone Institute's mission is to advance revolutionary science and accelerate how modern biotech tools become available to the medical community through collaboration between three industries: data scientists, technology makers, and biologists.

The company urges specialists from all backgrounds to collaborate on large-scale problems and the development of technology necessary to accomplish a common purpose. By combining complementary scientific expertise and exceptional administrative expertise, they always move fast with the pursuit of research. Above all Gladstone advocates for highly interactive, creative, and innovative approaches to science in the pursuit of illness prevention, treatment, and cure.

FibroGen, Inc.

Founded: Funds:
1993 $188.0 M

FibroGen is a biopharmaceutical company specializing in anemia, cancer, and fibrotic illness treatment. FibroGen is developing medications to treat anemia and chronic kidney disease. They are also conducting various trials with pamrevlumab to determine its efficacy in treating idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and pancreatic cancer. Since the company is still in the development phase and has no products on the market, they declared a $86 million net loss for 2018.

Fibro Gen believes in pushing the boundaries of science and is dedicated to innovation. They are proud of pioneering contributions to high-quality science and leadership. Their team is driven by a desire to reimagine what is possible in terms of enhancing and saving patients' lives. Each day, they tackle our work with zeal and the greatest ethical standards. FibroGen values collaboration, exceptional skill, and forward-thinking thinking that advances their main mission of assisting patients and enhancing lives.

Five Prime Therapeutics


Five Prime Therapeutics is one of the biopharmaceutical biotech companies in San Francisco Bay Area that mostly manages the treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases. While they do not currently market any medications, they have a lot of them in the development stages. Their activities are concentrated on immuno-oncology and targeted cancer medications, which have substantial therapeutic potential.

The company leverages different capabilities and therapeutic protein generation and engineering capabilities to identify various opportunities that can be useful in oncology while testing therapeutic proteins.

Vir Biotechnology


Vir Biotechnology combines immunologic insights with cutting-edge technologies to improve the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases. The company is focused on illnesses that have proven resistant to various therapy treatments—for example, HIV, hepatitis B, influenza A, and tuberculosis. Vir Biotechnology employs a variety of specialized platforms to find immune system mimics and battle specific pathogens. The team dynamically engages with prominent foundations and other biotechnology businesses to improve new technology and provide access to solutions.

Vir Biotechnology is pursuing a multi-technology platform strategy, built through in-house development, collaborations, and acquisitions. They have an industry-leading management team, board of directors, and scientific advisors with extensive experience in immunology and infectious diseases.

They are tenacious in our pursuit of revolutionary treatments for infectious diseases, guided by science. The company’s breakthroughs are the result of bravery and audacious ideas. They approach each day with optimism and humility, cognizant of the fact that the strength stems from the diversity of our experiences and the potential to learn from one another.

BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.


BioMarin is a biopharmaceutical business specializing in developing therapies for various diseases. The firm markets multiple medications, including Kuvan used to treat phenylketonuria, and Vimizim used to treat mucopolysaccharidosis IV Type A. Kuvan and Vimizim contributed more than 60% of BioMarin's income in 2017. Brineura, a medicine developed by the business, was recently approved by the FDA to treat neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis type 2.

So being one of the biotech companies in Bay Area, BioMarin commercializes new medication for people with rare, life-threatening diseases and medical conditions. They identify product candidates for diseases and ailments with a significant unmet medical need, have a well-understood biological basis, and can be given a meaningful benefit over currently available treatments.

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Principia Biopharma

Founded: Funds:
2008 $50.0 M

Principia Biopharma specializes in developing medications to treat immunological diseases and cancer among small biotech companies in San Francisco.

Principia Biopharma earned a net profit of $18 million in 2018 despite not having a product on the market. The company's principal source of revenue has been from stock sales, which raised approximately $413 million in 2018 through three consecutive stock offerings. They are a late-stage biopharmaceutical business focused on developing breakthrough oral medicines for patients with unmet immunological and oncologic requirements.

Their patented Tailored Covalency® platform enables them to design and develop reversible and irreversible covalent small molecule inhibitors with potencies and selectivities that may rival those of injectable biologics while maintaining the pill's convenience.



Nurix is one of the young start up biotech companies in San Francisco dedicated to developing unique treatments for patients who are limited in their choices. Their medications are intended to modify cell protein levels as an innovative therapeutic strategy for various disorders.

Nurix's medicines inhibit E3 ubiquitin ligases, which are critical components involved in protein degradation during the natural cellular process. The company claims to cure various disorders using its unique DELigase platform. They are currently developing targeted cancer medicines, particularly innovative small-molecule immuno-oncology drugs.

Nurix was founded by a group of internationally known scientists with expertise in the E3 ubiquitin ligases. Since its inception, the company has created a team of leaders with diverse experiences in small molecule medication research.

Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc.

Founded: Funds:
2010 $185.0 M

Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical is one of the biotech companies in the Bay Area that is heavily focused on developing therapies for extremely uncommon diseases. Ultragenyx is researching several novel medications to treat X-linked hypophosphatemia and tumor-induced osteomalacia. The company is dedicated to discovering, acquiring, developing, and commercializing ultra-rare diseases, emphasizing serious, debilitating genetic diseases. We focus on conditions with a significant unmet medical need, a clear biological basis for treatment, and no presently licensed medicines.

They develop our commercial models with patient access as their primary goal. This means they commercialize appropriately, launch worldwide, and have built an industry-leading UltraCare program to assist patients in navigating the complex world of healthcare access. The company is also committed to advancing the rare disease community by sharing science and expertise to enhance future development.

Audentes Therapeutics

Founded: Funds:
2012 $543.0 M

Being one of the famous biotech companies Bay Area, Audentes Therapeutics works in genetic medicine to discover novel treatments that can alter patients' lives. In addition to pioneering research and development on gene therapy solutions, the company uses the parent company’s resources, Astellas, to deliver medicines and technology worldwide.

Their investigational medicines are capable of treating uncommon disorders using three different approaches: gene replacement, exon skipping gene therapy, and vectorized RNA knockdown. We are expanding our reach and developing valuable new genetic treatments for patients worldwide by combining Astellas' global resources, industry leadership in immune biology, and deep scientific understanding.

We take pleasure in our goal to provide patients worldwide with breakthrough genetic medicines. Our seasoned team is motivated and committed to assisting people facing life-threatening diseases. If you're seeking a fast-paced work environment where employees truly exemplify the "Get Stuff Done" mindset, you'll fit in perfectly. Helix is a scalable genomics research platform that enables the conduct of large-scale genetic investigations on highly phenotypical, contactable individuals. Our proprietary clinical-genomic database, which contains Exome® sequencing data and extensive phenotypic data, can be used to speed efforts across the drug development lifecycle, from discovery to commercialization.

Rigel Pharmaceuticals

Founded: Funds:
1996 $193.0 M

Rigel Pharmaceuticals is one of the largest SF Bay Area biotech companies specializing in developing drugs to treat oncology and immunology conditions. Rigel has several medications in clinical trials, which the FDA approved in April 2018. The company itself identifies as a biotechnology company dedicated to discovering and developing innovative small-molecule medicines. They enhance the lives of patients suffering from immunological and hematologic disorders, cancer, and rare diseases. By far, their ground-breaking study focuses on signaling pathways involved in disease processes.


Founded: Funds:
2015 $403.0 M

Helix is one of the top biotech companies in San Francisco that focuses on bridging the divide between biotechnology, genomics, and clinical research. The company's end-to-end platform enables health systems and life sciences companies to advance genetic research by identifying the most appropriate patients for clinical trials and then providing professionals with access to real-world epidemiological data.

Apart from that, the company has built a highly automated COVID-19 test system in response to the ongoing pandemic, which includes one of the first Next Generation Sequencing assays to acquire FDA Emergency Use Authorization. They will soon be processing up to 100,000 tests per day, making them one of the largest COVID-19 testing laboratories in the US.

Gilead Sciences, Inc.


Gilead Technologies is one of the biotech companies in San Francisco that focuses on developing medications to treat HIV/AIDS, liver disorders, cancer, and other diseases. Currently, it offers several drugs, such as Atripla, Truvada, Zydelig, and Yescarta, to treat various forms of cancer. They are characterized as "a research-based biopharmaceutical company that discovers and commercializes innovative medications in areas of unmet medical need.

At Gilead, the people are committed to achieving a better world for everyone - regardless of the obstacles they face. For more than three decades, the company has sought the impossible, tracked it down, confronted it with questions, and circled it in search of a way in. They are advancing innovation that has the potential to become the next generation of life-changing medications through daring and revolutionary science.


Founded: Funds:
2010 $2000.0 M

InVitae’s mission strongly believes that all individuals should understand their genetic health. That’s why the company offers tests to aid in family planning, the diagnosis of unexplained symptoms, and the screening for any disorders. Developed with cutting-edge technology and suggested by leading physicians and specialists, InVitae offers genetic testing and counseling services to ensure everyone has a new and healthy generation. Being one of the biotech companies in San Francisco area, it does have a lot of potential in its significant operations. The company believes that routine genetic testing in medicine can help everyone live a better life. Their mission includes assisting in the development of a more affordable, accessible, and equitable healthcare system for everyone.